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Sandisk USB Flash Drive Performance Question

13 June 2014 - 03:15 AM

I want a 32GB flash drive for GOD/GWG/XBLA games. I've recently purchased two different Sandisk 32GB USB drives (Cruzer Glide & Cruzer Blade) that are both giving the "Performance Warning" message. I bought the Glide first then exchanged it for the Blade. I've had good luck with Sandisk flash drives on the 360 in the past (smaller capacities) and the few reviews I read pertaining to 360 usage prior to purchasing seemed to indicate that either of these 32GB drives would work fine.


Doing testing on my 360, the write speed is very slow but the read speed seems to be pretty decent and I can't really tell a difference compared to the hard drive. Does anyone have any experience using either of these drives for playing games? Do they perform OK?


Are there any other recommendations for 32GB drives or should I maybe just go with multiple 16GBs?