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Blog Hydro2Oxide > I was running my 360 in 480 and not 720 the whole time!

Posted 19 July 2009

So I recently decided to look around the settings of my 360 today when I went in to my display options. After rooting around a bit I realized it said HD was disabled. After flipping around the settings a bit I got it to run to my TV's 720 resolution and holy shit, it's such a difference.

As Jeff Foxworthy would say, "Heeeere's your sign"

Please make fun...

Blog Hydro2Oxide > Review: Far Cry 2

Posted 18 May 2009


I know I'm a little late to the game but I thought I ought to review the game anyway.

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Graphics - 9.5: It's the Cry engine + a few extra fire effects, what's more to say? Just hope you have the rig to play it.
Sound - 9.0: NPC dialogue is excellent and in combat speec...

Blog Hydro2Oxide > Wow, ads sexuality are getting out of hand!

Posted 12 February 2009

Have you ever been sitting in the same room as your Mom or Dad (I'm talking to the kids here) And one of those... frisky ads come on? The kind like the pajamagram ones (Fuck you valentines day, stop giving me these stupid commercials, oh and how do I embed Youtube vids?) or a Victorias Secret underwear commercial? Well it's awkward as hell. And while wha...

Blog Hydro2Oxide > RPG Faceoff: You decide!

Posted 31 January 2009


OK, so I recently felt a hankering for RPGs and I think that urge got the best of me. I bought Lost Odyssey, and even after I sunk my fangs a bit in to the game I still traded for Tales of Vesperia. I must say both games started off at a crawl, but I'm enjoying both quite a bit. The only problem...

Blog Hydro2Oxide > I need some help and clarification with SF IV

Posted 28 January 2009

So after two million turbos, HD's, remixes and whatnot we finally get the fourth game (Seems like a popular thing to do, make people wait for the fourth game... I'm looking at you RE and GTA) and this game looks solid as ever. The graphics are stylish and the classics are back, but th...