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Blog gomikeoh > How long do you give a game before you kick it to the curb?

Posted 02 April 2013

I am playing Bioshock infinite atm (first bioshock btw.) and playing it cause of all the hype surrounding it.

Playing a lengthy amount (an hour or two past the point of saving Elizabeth in the tower.) and it just isnt fun for me.

People clamor on game sites at "OMG DAT ENDING," etc etc...but I dont play games for endings...

Four to five hours should g...

Blog gomikeoh > What games in 2012 did you pay MSRP for? Was it worth it?

Posted 13 November 2012

2012 is nearly over and all the big name titles have come out. Are you a TRUE cheap ass gamer?

In 2012, I bought two games full price and the rest, I never spent over 25 dollars on another title.

Those titles being Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2.

Id say I got my moneys worht out of those titles, but as for how much I enjoyed them... D3 was a let down, and G...

Blog gomikeoh > Whens the last time a DEMO sold you on a game?

Posted 20 October 2012

Recently I tried playing the Sleeping Dogs demo to see whether or not I would buy it during the amazon sale...

I was sold. Demos honestly rarely sell me on games, because usually they are too short, too long, or just dont sell the experience.

The sleeping dogs demo was like 15 mins of gametime.... At the end of the missions you got xp and when you fini...

Blog gomikeoh > Death to 3ds. The redesign imminent.

Posted 07 September 2011

Today they just announced a peripheral for a second analog nub. Who is going to buy a 3ds, when a design change is incoming.

I am honestly done with nintendo. Wii was a disaster, in the terms that it was casual Fuck fest...and now this.


Blog gomikeoh > Ninja gaiden 3 announced -hypypehypehpype akdfslna

Posted 28 February 2011