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hunterny77's Blog > PS4 Wobblegate

Posted 17 November 2013

Numerous gaming sites are stating that the PS4 wobbles when pushed down. Even videos have been made with "video game journalist" rocking the PS4 with their fingers.

Some have even gone as far to state that the disc inside the tray may be damaged by the system wobbling while in use. No scientific studies have confirmed this:)~

My "brain dropping" on this...


Posted 06 September 2013

While I am of the opinion that the initial Penny Arcade webcomic referencing Dickwolves was not trying to be intentionally insensitive to rape victims; it was used as slang. Jerry and Mike's response to their critics was callous. They decided to create "Dickwolves" jerseys and monetize on the whole ordeal. Seemingly becoming "pro-rape" and saying Fuck you...

hunterny77's Blog > Go Fish!

Posted 30 July 2013

The vitriol of the collective masses mainly compromised by faceless handles collectively know as the Internet have found a punching bag in Phil Fish. This is what some may say when a talented game creator who is seemingly bullied leaves his career in video games.

But...is this truly the case? Or is Phil Fish the little man with a Napoleon Complex who t...

hunterny77's Blog > MiniBlog 1: No One Cares To See Your...

Posted 02 July 2013

People! People! People!

In all honesty, No One Cares To See Your...posted pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, Instagram, text message or email unless requested of your Food. Really, no one cares what you had for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack, dinner, or fourth meal.