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Blog RAMSTORIA > Birthday Wishlist

Posted 09 March 2009

Well, I'm sure everyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday. Fear not, I am compiling a list just for you. Don't think about how I didn't get anything for your birthday, just think about the karma points you can build up by doing this nice thing for me. Also, buying me a gift through the links helps CAG!

640gb Hitachi Externam HDD


Blog RAMSTORIA > Dreams really can come true...

Posted 13 February 2009

Forward: I've decided that since CAG has a blog function, I'm just going to start copying and pasting my blog I type that my IRL friends read so that random people on the internet can read my ramblings as well. So unlike my first two entries, these blogs are going to be a little more serious. So... here we go.

So about two weeks ago I had a dream....

Blog RAMSTORIA > Omg!!!

Posted 03 July 2008

so today i went to work and you wouldnt believe what happened!!! i had to work for 8 fucking hours. unbelievable. who do they think they are making me work for 8 hours, i was like "WHAT THE CUNT IS THIS SHITTY SHIT". and they were like, Fuck it man, you gotta work. so there i was for 8 hours. and then i got home and i bought some cookies. but thats just h...

Blog RAMSTORIA > omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 02 July 2008

today i wrote a blog and it sucks ass. but thats ok, because ass sucking is actually quite common among todays young adults. in a recent survey with seventeen magazine, 44% of girls aged 15-18 said that they have sucked ass "on more than one occasion". of those girls 92% said that they "would be willing to suck ass again". makes you think right? so given...