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#13298149 $9.99 - $21 Final Fantasy and other Square PS1 games NEW at Amazon....

Posted by Sk on 20 April 2016 - 07:30 PM

Wow, what an amazing find. I just ordered Chrono Cross. I always wanted to play it but it came out in the tail end of the PS1 and I jumped on PS2 pretty quick and never looked back. I hear it's the PS1's swan song. Great graphics and amazing animations (for the time). I remember reading it was as good or better looking than a lot of PS2 launch to Year 1 games.


I own the rest of the games on that list either as black titles or really cheap greatest hits.

#13186491 Retron 5 @ gamestop.com $99.99 ("release date" 2/29/2016)

Posted by Sk on 03 February 2016 - 07:21 PM

Been thinking of picking one of these up, worth it?

Yes it's worth it if you're will to accept some short comings.


For Starts, it's an HD only console you can't use it on CRT and get an authentic 8/16 bit experience. I personally don't care about that since I only own HD tvs, but some do. Also, the contacts for the carts can be iffy at times, especially with older dirty carts or carts slightly dirty. It's kind of a problem as it's hard to come by cart cleaners these days. I think it's because the Retron has cheap contacts their not gold plated. Luckily if you'd be buying a newer revision of the hardware, the older one had less storage and would bend contacts or be hard to remove a cart. 


With that in mind if you're willing to put up having to put a game in the system multiple times to start or adjusting it's angle then I'd highly recommend it.  Honestly, 8 and 16 bit gaming never looked better. Now if only someone hacked it's firmware to upload roms...the current method is a bit of a head ache.