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In Topic: Dead PS3 and Repair Time

07 January 2011 - 07:10 AM

Today marks the 5 month anniversary of the "death" of my launch CECHA01 console. I have succeeded twice in reflowing/reapplying thermal compound/reheating the board after getting the YLOD, and the last repair (5 months ago) proved to be my stumbling block. I got careless and broke the two microscopically sized plastic clips that help to secure the ribbon cable from the BR drive to the motherboard. My only other solution, electrician's tape, is not effective.

Error 8002F14E.

Symptom: Can't get past a mandatory firmware update. Fails at 67%, then system prompts re-boot procedure. Wired or unwired to internet connection appears to have no effect.

Diagnosis: Connection between blu ray drive and motherboard is compromised.

Solution: Replace broken part, and in this case that means the entire motherboard itself, because the physical parts are not available separately. Attempt repair when new part is acquired, then pray to the video game gods. ;)

Any thoughts, ideas, advice, humiliation ... I'd appreciate it.

If it's a flat surface-mount connector with a broken flip/latch:
Using a razor/X-acto knife, I once layered scotch tape over a tiny flat cable in a Nintendo DS with a broken connector. I layered it so that the thickness quickly "ramped up" as you moved away from the end with contacts but then layered one strip over them all so that it would slide over them without peeling. It worked great and the cable fit the broken connector with no need for latching. Do it on the side without contacts, of course.

In Topic: PS3 blinking red light... FIXED

07 January 2011 - 06:43 AM

Is there a list of repair services offering true solder reballing? I want to find one that will do it with more flexible lead solder. Screw RoHS... no one is licking the board and I don't intend to ever throw it away.

My 60GB launch unit finally gave up the ghost earlier today. When turned on I get a green light and then it suddenly starts flashing red. If I try repeatedly I can sometimes see a flash of yellow just before it blinks red.

It's got a rented disc stuck inside too. :(

In Topic: Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

03 September 2010 - 05:39 PM

I don't see any mention of "The Fugitive" on Blu-Ray having the staff person accidentally visible in one scene despite the Special Edition DVD extra being included that goes on and on about the effort they went through the digitally remove the person from that scene. They probably only did it at DVD resolution and went back to film for the BD and didn't have enough incentive to do it again. :)