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Blog kayatai > Why am I so weak?

Posted 20 July 2011

Seriously, I cannot pass up a deal sometimes. I have a ton of games already in a backlog thanks to some nice sales. Recently got a PS3 so I immediately pick up a dozen games, what the hell? I already have an xbox 360 backlog. They aren't even all PS3 exclusives.

Does anyone else have this problem? When a game reaches 15 bucks and I am mildly interes...

Blog kayatai > PS3 as Blu Ray Player?

Posted 25 June 2011

So I just got an HDTV and am in the market for a Blu Ray player. I already have an Xbox 360 that I am perfectly happy with, so I don't "need" a gaming console.

How does the PS3 perform as a Blu Ray player, especially for non-gamers? (Assuming I should get the remote for easier controls by non-gamers).

How does the PS3 netflix implementation compare to...

Blog kayatai > Bioware Website Hacked - no CC, but DOB/Email/password

Posted 24 June 2011

Email was in my junk folder.