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#13620278 Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Posted by aem on 04 February 2017 - 06:17 AM

Other than those headphones I posted about recently all my recent trades are going through fine.  Only have one guitar hero guitar still in processing at the moment and just mailed off a pair of PS move controllers today for around $50 credit.  4 guitars accepted so far plus an extra wireless receiver for a guitar and two GH World Tour drum pedals.  Might try a few more guitars if I decide to get rid of them. 

#10888949 Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread VII

Posted by aem on 08 July 2013 - 09:05 PM

Getting a lot of crap lately :/


Received multiple games recently that do not work and you can tell the disc is damaged.  Just got a Like New DS game missing both instruction manual and cover art (cartridge is not even in good condition).  Got a Good GBA game in absolutely terrible condition, with the box held together with like 4 big pieces of tape.  Luckily that was a real cheap filler game I don't really care about.  Got a couple "Good" GBC/GBA games that were missing the insert inside the box that hold the cartridge and prevents the box from being easily crushed (this actually happens often with AWD... no idea why as why would you have lots of boxes without the cardboard inserts).  Also have recieved some instruction manuals in really awful shape, dirty/water damaged.


Not too much at all recently that was actually in decent shape.  Out of fear of an almost certain ban if I returned all the junk I get like this, I pretty much only return games that do not work at all and any higher value "Like New" games that look like a dog chewed them up.  Usually have to just put the rest of the crap on eBay and get whatever I can back for them and hope to get a better copy next time. :-(

#10848843 Amazon Trade-In FAQ 5.0

Posted by aem on 21 June 2013 - 03:38 PM

lol so AWD has lots of cheap copies of The Crow (UMD) in stock.  Still high TIV.




7 Like New for $6.68

4 Acceptable for $5.35