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Blog shieryda > Chicago is about to get dumped on again! BLIZZARD WARNING!

Posted 18 December 2008

Shit. Another 7-12 inches tonight, and possible freezing rain. As if we didn't have enough from the storm on Tuesday. It took me 2 hours to get home, when it normally takes 45 minutes. And that was after just 2-3 inches snow. Can't wait to see what happens tonight/tomorrow AM.:roll:

Goddamn city is sitting on millions for the road-clearing fund, and isn...

Blog shieryda > Lunch time craziness

Posted 09 December 2008

So, apparently there was almost a shooting in my parking lot at work about 20 minutes ago.

I'm in the lunchroom eating a Panera turkey sandwich and perusing my Oblivion strategy guide (just started playing the game - a little late to the party, I know). Our presidents comes into the breakroom, and asks me if I heard about the guy in the parking lot wit...

Blog shieryda > Did a semi run me down?

Posted 02 December 2008

Man, I am just now getting over the 2nd-worst flu virus that I've ever had. Or maybe it was food poisoining? Puked from 6:30PM on Sunday until about 1:45AM Monday. Got maybe 2 hours of sleep. Had to call in sick yesterday, and slept for most of the day.

I think I cracked my right clavicle from puking so much. And my back feels like someone beat me...

Blog shieryda > Customer service?

Posted 26 November 2008

Why do human customer service reps always ask for your phone number, account number or other such information after you've already given that information to the automated lady at the beginning of the call? It's just annoying. It's like, why do you even have an automated service when you're just gonna ask me the same friggin' questions that I've just ans...