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In Topic: Star Citizen Free Fly Codes

14 February 2017 - 10:10 PM

Roberts Space Industries is proud to offer you a free flight trial of Star Citizen!

Try Star Citizen for free? It must be love! This Free Fly will give everyone access to a dedicated multi-crew ship through Sunday, February 19, 2017. Enjoy exploring the Star Citizen alpha with friends… and happy Valentine’s Day!



Register / Enlist with referral code: STAR-WC2V-GNYN to get additional 5K UEC credits!

In Topic: Star Citizen Free Fly Codes

16 July 2016 - 02:34 AM

Roberts Space Industries is proud to offer a summer free flight trial of Star Citizen! During this week long free fly you will get a chance try out the game and fly fighter ships like the Mustang Beta, the Sabre and the F7C Hornet!

In Topic: Star Citizen Free Fly Codes

16 April 2016 - 12:33 AM

For the next week until April 25th, we’ve enabled Free Fly access to all accounts in celebration of PAX East. While we won’t be there this year in person, any chance to celebrate Star Citizen sounds like a good idea to us! For the next week, anyone with a Star Citizen account will have access to the Aurora LN, the F7C Hornet, and the Mustang Delta. This Free Fly event gives new players access to three unique parts of the Star Citizen experience:

Please use code: STAR-WC2V-GNYN to get additional 5K UEC credits when registering!
Q. How do I get started with the free flight?
Create an account here: https://robertsspace...ries.com/enlist (be sure to use the referral code above) then download the game from here: https://robertsspace...es.com/download. Sign into the launcher, and you'll be able to download the game (currently ~28GB).

Q. What are the current features available in the game?
Take a look at the feature list https://robertsspace...om/feature-list
Q. Okay, I've downloaded the game, where do I begin?
Although there is a tutorial option, it is broken and won't provide a good first experience. It is not a recommended starting point.
Instead, please visit Electronic access -> Arena Commander -> Drone Sim and change the gamemode to free flight. (Or Spectrum Match, if you'd like to experience multiplayer combat) 
Suggest trying out the Hornet F7C which is probably the easiest to start with. Note the MKB users: Right-Alt + M will lock your head to the center of the screen, which can make ship control quite a lot easier.
Once you're used to the controls try the other Arena Commander modes like Vanduul swarm for more co-op battles.
After all that, you're ready to join the universe! Return to the main menu and choose the "Universe" option, joining either Port Olisar (the open world), or Area 18 (the planetary social environment).
Q. How do I spawn a ship in Port Olisar?
Go down the stairs to the middle room with the spinning holographic globe. Access a terminal to spawn a ship.
Q. Where's the entrance to the Mustang Delta?
You'll find a hatch on the bottom of the ship's hull.
Q. How do I get out of my seat?
Ctrl-F is used to exit a vehicle
Q. My ship isn't going faster than 50m/s, how do fix it?
"V" cycles through flight modes once you've taken off. PRE is a slow landing mode, SCM is the normal flight mode, and CRU is a much faster straight-line option. Check your HUD to see what mode you're in. Note that CRU mode is not available in Arena Commander.
Q. How do I jump to other locations in Port Olisar?
Press B to open your QDrive destination menu. Once you've selected a point, press middle mouse to engage.
Q. Where can go to engage in FPS combat?
QDrive to Security Port Kareah, land your ship, and enter the station. SMGs can be found throughout the station, and you can swap between the SMG and laser pistol via "1" or "2".
Q. My performance is terrible what gives?
There's currently some server-side performance issues that are restricting FPS on your machine, it's a known issue and doesn't represent a problem with your PC.
Q. My laptop is getting poor performance in all modes despite have a discreet GPU, what's wrong?
Check your GPU control panel and make sure the game is set to run on the dedicated chip. (eg Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings)