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Went to the Salem, NH store today and traded some old Madden games and other various oldies away. They were strict about the 5 game per customer rule. Luckily my wife came with and did another 5 for me. Ended up getting COD, Destiny and Killer Instinct for under ten bucks. The guy doing the trade in seemed pretty annoyed that it was yet another trade in. Asked him if they've been doing tons of these and he said yeah. After talking a bit I mentioned what I had read on here about other stores doing different things like giving gift cards (they would not give any balance on a gift card) and doing more than 5 games. He said "That's because other stores are retarded, I swear".

I went in twice to this location, I was with a different employee and while he was starting to begin my trade some other employee dimed me out through their earpieces. He then asked if I had traded in before, I didn't lie and said yes, he said sorry you can only get this deal once. I was going to put up a fuss but I wasn't feeling it.