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Blog Panda > Caribbean Gold Pepsi & Pepsi Dry from Japan

Posted 02 September 2011

24740 This summer Japanese Pepsi limited edition is the Caribbean Gold. I got this last month at my normal online retailer. I can't remember which retailer I bought it from, but I remember it wasn't cheap. At one retailer, it was priced at $2.50 plus shipping (add $20-ish for AIR mail from Japan) and the other was about $4.95 and shipping was a little...

Blog Panda > Steak Bento Box with Sapporo Coffee

Posted 10 October 2010

18618 Yesterday I was at the Marukai to get some coffee and I head over to the bento boxes area and I found this steak bento box. Usually they have ton katsu, menchi katsu, tempura shrimp, yakiniku (bbq beef), and whatever you might have seen in anime or J-drama. I was a little hesitant to get the steak bento because (1) it's pre-made from that morning,...

Blog Panda > That Thingamajig of the Whatchamacallit

Posted 03 October 2010

18426 I was at Wal-mart the other day checking out the candy aisle and I found the limited edition Thingamajig, the spoof of the Whatchamacallit. I was surprised to see the Thingamajig because it was the limited edition candy from last year and thought it would be gone forever. My former co-worker is a big fan of the Whatchamacallit and would NOT believ...

Blog Panda > Labor Day Weekend BBQ: Kalbi Ribs

Posted 05 September 2010

17786 I hope everyone is having an awesome Labor Day weekend. This weekend, we're grilling up kalbi ribs (Korean short ribs). As much I love burgers and hot dogs, I think kalbi ribs is so much better and more flavorful. Who doesn't like Korean short ribs?

We bought about 6 lbs of meat from our local commissary at the military base (bf is in the rese...

Blog Panda > KitKat - Lemon Soda & Cola Flavor

Posted 03 September 2010

One of the few things I'm known for (around my friends and family) are the KitKats (the other are Mentos) I get from Japan. Nothing makes me more excited than to find different flavor KitKats. Japan got some really weird ones and they never seem to ran out of ideas what to put out next. Some flavors are a staple around different seasons OR regional. T...