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#760000 Employees of ALL stores - Stories about 'special' customers! (Now with KAYDEN...

Posted by Panda on 19 April 2005 - 06:00 AM


I have one for you.

I was taking a phone call one day. It was a guy asking for Tony Hawk: Underground 2. At the time, it was still $49.99. The guy asked me if I could check the price if it's $29.99. I asked him what console he wanted me to scan, and he wanted me to scan the PS2 version. I scanned the price for him and told him that the price was still $49.99. He sounded a little outrage because he claimed that the website said it was priced $29.99.

Then, he had the nerve to asked me this question:

"Is there a guy I can talk to?"

WTF was that? I really wanted to bust his nuts. However, I keep my cool and gave the phone to one of my co-workers. BTW, the $29.99 pricetag was the PC version, not the PS2 version. Geez!