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Blog lolwaut > Only in Tampa...

Posted 10 June 2009

Have to love living in the strip club capital of the U.S. This sign was spotted outside the library at the University of South Florida. Taken with my cell phone's shitty camera, so quality isn't the best. I was thinking about calling to see what kind of rates she would hook me up with...


Blog lolwaut > delete

Posted 02 June 2009


Blog lolwaut > 3 hours to go...

Posted 02 June 2009

Anxiously awaiting some Sony E3 pwnage...

Blog lolwaut > Recent pick-ups

Posted 01 June 2009

My first blog of this nature. My only two other blogs are basically me bitching about various things that pissed me off (that's the only time I've ever felt like blogging). So, this is a bit of a refreshment for me. Here are my recent pick-ups and how much I paid. Not much in the way of video games, but electronics nonetheless.


Blog lolwaut > 1080i blu-ray? WAUT?

Posted 03 May 2009

So I ordered the Discovery Channel version of the Planet Earth blu-ray from the Discovery Store website on 4/22 (Earth Day). They were having a promotion and selling it at 29.99 in celebration of Earth Day. I had read the reviews about it and most people said that the BBC version was better because it had extra footage as well as a better narrator. Meh......