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Blog Yamato > Holy **** Guys, Did You Know?

Posted 28 October 2012

I'm going to cut right to the chase here. I was browsing the forums and I stumbled upon a different way to edit your thread title!



I feel like I have been born again.

Blog Yamato > Ever get eye-strain from the computer screen? Try f.lux!

Posted 14 July 2012

I happened to stumble upon this neat little program called f.lux.


I can't deny that I'm on my laptop more than I should be, especially at night. Whether its browsing CAG, messing with Steam, or catching up on some current events, my eyes no doubt get strained from the screen brightness. My fir...

Blog Yamato > PSN Hacked..Again?

Posted 12 October 2011


"Sony announced Tuesday night that its collection of online networks were compromised in a new attack including the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment.

Approximately 93,000 accounts were affected according to Chief Information Security Officer Philip Reitinger. This repr...

Blog Yamato > How People Ran Off With Over $1.2 Million Worth of Free Microsoft Points

Posted 07 March 2011


Some CAGs may have noticed that, over the last week, a handful of people have been coming out of the woodwork offering discounted Microsoft Points. More specifically, codes for 160 MS Points. When paying 50% off retail price for a handful of pictures of codes, instead of...

Blog Yamato > Missing Rockband 1 DLC?

Posted 06 April 2010

Hey CAG's,

I've recently run into a problem. I bought a bunch of DLC from the Rockband store (this is on my Xbox 360 by the way). Saved them to my HDD, had no problems playing them for the longest time.

Was over at a friend's house, and recovered my gamertag to his console to play some MW2. Deleted my GT before I left, went home, recovered my GT, and...