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Quality Over Quanity > Christmas Comes a Little Early

Posted 20 November 2010

I recently decided to pull the trigger on a new television, replacing my 42" LCD Toshiba. While there was nothing wrong with it, I decided that the prices had finally dropped on the LED sets to a level that I was comfortable with. I spent a little over a month reviewing sets and reading reviews from multiple sources. No matter what I ended up choo...

Quality Over Quanity > Sometimes It Pays To Be Nice...

Posted 12 June 2010


I had a pretty nice exchange with a customer of mine today and thought I'd share...

Today at work (I am a manager at a office supply retailer) I had a customer and his girlfriend come into the store. The guy was having a pretty bad day. It was one of those days where if it could go wrong, i...

Quality Over Quanity > Probably late to this, but it's new to me: PayPal Plug-in

Posted 10 March 2009

I finally decided to take the time and learn more about the PayPal plug-in that I've seen ads for on various sites (including PayPal, obviously). After learning how it works, I really think that I'll enjoy using it.

The only real drawback that I really think PayPal has (apart from the fees, of course) was the fact that I had to wait up to four days to...

Quality Over Quanity > A Real-Life First Person Shooter a.k.a. Paintball

Posted 23 February 2009

Random picture I Googled, the markers are the same model that I used though

Yesterday I had an opportunity to play paintball for the first time. What a blast! The event was part of a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine. The group consisted of a bunch of my friends who I used to work with and...

Quality Over Quanity > Finally finished Call of Duty: World at War

Posted 23 January 2009

I just got the last two achievements that needed to finish up CoD: World at War and get the full 1000/1000. While I realize that in the grand scheme of things it means absolutely nothing, but I still get a nice little rush when I complete a game. Even better, I beat my friend to the 1000 who had the game for about two weeks before I picked it up.