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In Topic: Itouch 4g gaming? Prices?

15 January 2011 - 02:45 AM

Hmm. I'll check that out then. Thanks

In Topic: Itouch 4g gaming? Prices?

15 January 2011 - 02:06 AM

The Otterbox without question in a hardcase. You can literally run it over with a cement truck and it won't break your device. I've seen drops as far as 3 stories and it didn't break (though I'm sure the Itouchs inside parts will be doomed). You can even submerse the whole thing in water and it's fine. My friend has it for his Iphone 4 and I had it for an older ipod and it's like wrapping your device in Chuck Norris's fist. lol

And yes, Amazon prices are always cheaper and fluctuate. Anyone know how far down it's went on the Itouch 4g yet?

In Topic: Itouch 4g gaming? Prices?

14 January 2011 - 03:23 AM

Well the engraving doesn't make sense to me after my years of experience with the older ipods, zunes, and zune HDs. I'm by no means a clutz but hey, stuff happens and no matter how much I baby my 300 dollar device, it's going to get dropped or be swiping against it (keys, phone, other mechanical things). After much learning the hard way, I protect my devices with a zagg shield on the screen and a hard/silicone case for the body. It doesn't much matter what I have written on the back, it'll be covered up.

These things drop. I baby my devices yet unless it stays in it's box, its going to come into hard contact with things so I highly suggest spending the extra 2 to 20 bucks on either a flexible silicone case ( it's soft and grippy) or a hardcase (protects better though a little more clunky).

You know, we've waaaaaay reached the point where "slim" matters. If it's under an inch thick, it'll fit in your pocket and I have zero problem adding a little thinkness in my pocket to know I'm keeping my investment safe. I highly suggest you do the same my friend.

In your research, have you noticed price fluctuations? I've only recently been looking at the Itouch but I know for other electronics Amazon will vary from 8 to 15 percent off on stuff like that. Thoughts?

In Topic: I won Halo Reach Limited edition, how to sell?

30 December 2010 - 09:45 PM

Alright, makes sense when it's put that way. I'll just break it up and sell on ebay that way.

Oh, and I won a legendary edition too apparently. Lol. Stuff just keeps showing up here everyday it seems. Looks like I'm doing a lot of ebay selling this week!

In Topic: I won Halo Reach Limited edition, how to sell?

30 December 2010 - 01:40 AM

Oh. lol sorry on that, just something I did with a bunch of Christmas presents at Yonkers from my grandma so I thought it may work for this. I just brought in a big bag of shirts and said do you guys sell any of this stuff? and I got in store credit on a few things. I'm not really sure how that's fraud since they sell that item and I'm returning that game new? I would understand if I used it then used a shrink wrap machine to re wrap it but hey it's new, but perhaps I'm missing some line of reasoning somewhere...

So you suggest splitting the content on ebay like I did with the controller? I'll look into that....