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Blog DarkZion > To The End

Posted 09 November 2012

Is anyone else compelled to finish a game just for the sake of finishing it?

I've had this happen to me twice recently, where the only reason I finished the game was just to say I had beat it. I hated practically every moment of the game, but still continued to push through until completion.

The first game I felt this way about was Terminator Salvation...

Blog DarkZion > The Shining

Posted 05 December 2009

So I just got done watching The Shining on TV. I had never seen it before (like most of the great movies that everyone should see) and wow...

How can people like that movie? The movie takes forever to get anywhere, includes a lot of weird and random non-sense (most of the ghosts), and one of the main characters was played by a horrible actress. Yes, Shel...

Blog DarkZion > My thoughts on the new Killswitch Engage album

Posted 30 June 2009

So Killswitch Engage (KSE for short) released their newest album, Killswitch Engage, today (6/30). It's their fifth release and their second self-titled album, stating that they see their first as more of an EP than a full-length album.

Okay, so now that I've covered what it is I'm talking about...

I'm not enjoying this album that much. I loved the last...

Blog DarkZion > My Latest Pick-Up (and it was free!)

Posted 25 April 2009

So one of my friend's moms neighborhood organized a yard sale for the entire neighborhood to participate in. Well my friend's mom asked me if I could help move their two couches outside so they could sell them.

I ended up going there to help at around 7am today. I wasn't planning on staying any longer than I had to...but I ended up staying the entire tim...

Blog DarkZion > I Hate My Phone

Posted 30 March 2009

Well this is my first blog on CAG ever. I was actually going to wait for something more significant but I feel the need to vent. I HATE my phone. I have no idea what is going on with it. So here's what happened. I have a Samsung A707 SYNC and it was working perfectly fine until today...

I woke up this morning and it was working fine, I didn't have any te...