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Blog Skooba81 > Backlog Advice

Posted 22 August 2011

Hi All,

The last few months have lead me to go on a gaming binge which has lead to me having a HUGE backlog. Just on disc alone i have over 150 games and out of which I have probably beaten 2 or 3 of them :roll: if you factor in PSN, XBLA and handheld stuff that total jumps to like 275. I still have no logical reason for getting so many games in such a s...

Blog Skooba81 > A little bit of advice would be appreciated...

Posted 08 July 2011

Hi all,

I am writing this because I am kind of at the end of my rope with my relationship...I have been with this girl for about 3 years now and she is a wonderful, amazing and understanding woman for the most part...the problem we have and have been having for a long time now is my son...you see my son is from another woman, my ex-wife to be exact and t...

Blog Skooba81 > A Father's Gift

Posted 16 June 2011

Sorry to throw a wall of text up but I kinda needed to vent...

3 months ago my father lost his battle with malignant melonoma. 3 months ago I lost my best friend. I still remember the first night he went to the hospital, I can recall every detail and every minute with crystal clear detail. I remember the fear of something major being wrong while clingin...