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Plus and PSP titles on the Vita

30 March 2012 - 07:08 PM

I know that Mini's acquired through Plus don't work on the Vita yet. Does the same apply to full PSP games that are Plus discounted? I'm tempted with a few of the current PSP discount titles, but I really don't want to plunk down my duckets just to find out I have to wait a few months for a firmware when Sony "fixes" it.

Anyone got a clue on this?

[PS Vita] Hustle Kings

26 March 2012 - 02:48 PM

Hustle Kings is one of the few current titles that is listed as Cross-Play. If you have the PS3 version, the Vita version is free. It pretty much is the PS3 version, with a few optional touch features thrown in. The graphics are incredible, although the soundtrack is terrible (same as PS3 version).

Aiming assists are available, but completely optional. There's a decent career progression with gratuitous unlocks.

Near is supported, although I havent exactly figured out how... I managed to get a nice "Near exclusive" cue, but that's all I've seen so far.

The best thing about it for being a portable title (IMO) is that it support asynchronous play. You can play via group messaging with anyone on your friends list.

If your looking for a decent pool sim, this one is hard to beat.


If anyone wants to run some message play, feel free to add me and/or anyone listed below to your friend list. Feel free to add yourself to the list, as I've Wikified the post.

PSN ID / Forum handle
  • smthng / smthng
  • rockinjs/rockinjs864

[PS Vita] Near guide

18 March 2012 - 12:33 AM

Near make almost no sense whatsoever, so I'm creating this as a guide for people as we figure stuff out. This post is a wiki, so it can be edited for corrections or additional bits as they are found. You are also welcome to just post a reply to the thread and I'll update the main post as needed. Don't get offended if I edit your edits in order to keep stuff in order. If everyone thinks this is a stupid idea, I'll abandon it and just make a tutorial on my own site.

If posting screen shots, please wrap them in a spoiler and please don't quote the entire first post in replies.


Official US manual pages for near: http://manuals.plays...near/index.html

Description: A Vita app that tracks your location and those around you who are also using near. Allows for downloads of "game goods" and finding of new friends in your area.

Setup: Screen shots and descriptions of setup options to be provided. If anyone does a reset, please send me screen shots of the setup options before changing any of them, I have no record of the default settings at this time.

Known issues:

Basic usage: Screen shots to be provided. Instructions below assume you have done the basic setup, which will be provided above in the near future.

Out and About: To be continued...

Friends: To be continued...

Discoveries: To be continued...

Settings: See "Setup" section above when completed.

Games that support near:

Tip: Gmail on the Vita

13 March 2012 - 02:28 PM

There may not be much need for this, but I find it useful...

You can load up Gmail on the Vita, but it's painfully slow. If you switch to the HTML view, it's actually pretty good. Fairly quick, readable, zoomable and it works well. Here are your options:

http://mail.google.com/mail/h/ – Simple or Basic HTML mode.
https://mail.google.com/mail/h/ – Secure SSL Gmail webmail that automatically load into Basic HTML interface.

I saved the basic link as a favorite and it pops up pretty quick.

PS Vita restore process

10 March 2012 - 11:48 PM

I had to do a restore on my Vita, I figured I'd document the process in case anyone needed it in the future.

1 - Sync
  • Open the trophy app and sync your trophies.
  • Open Near and download and install any game goods (near will be empty when we're done). So far, I haven't gotten any of them back, I'm still working with Sony on this. Any installed game goods should be available after all activations are completed.

2 - Back up
I did this on the PC, I suspect the process is similar on the PS3.
  • Install Content Manager on the PC. Instructions and Download link are here.
  • After all is set up, plug the Vita into your PC using the usb portion of the charging cable.
  • Open the content manager app on the Vita.
  • Click "Back Up". Follow the prompts.
  • When it reports "Complete", press Ok, disconnect from PC

3 - Boot into safe mode.
  • Power off the Vita completely. While the Vita is on, press the power button until you see a red box that says "Power Off" (usually about 5 seconds). Press it. Wait for the PS lite to stop flashing.
  • Press and hold the PS button and the right shoulder trigger. While doing so, press and hold the Power button until you get the safe mode boot menu. You can now release all buttons.
  • Use the D-Pad buttons to scroll down to option 4 - Restore Vita. Press the X button.
  • Answer all prompts. This will restore everything to default, although it should keep all your downloaded apps, games and save files.

4 - Set up Vita
You'll have to go through the entire startup tutorial and the following settings will need to be reconfigured:
  • Network Access points
  • PSN Account ID (as of the current firmware, 1.61, you can sign in during welcome screen).
  • Near - Settings - Location data, Sharing settings, Units of distance. All will be reset to "don't share ID, don't share location, kilometers".
  • If you have 3G data plan, go into Network Operator and reactivate... it won't allow 3G data access until you do. You'll need your AT&T sign up login and password.
  • Any location-based applications (Foursquare, etc).
  • Resync your trophies
  • Open Friends list to download and update.
  • Rearrange all your icons
  • Reapply any background and lock screens
  • Reactivate the Vita - Settings - Playstation Network - Activation - Games & Video/Audio
  • Fire up any applications that use a scorechase or online ranking system (Motorstorm, Hotshots, Wipeout, etc).

That should pretty much have you all synced up and back to where you were (mostly). You might have to redownload any activations for some games... Hustle Kings said Trial Version on the title screen, so I have to nuke it and download again. My Near game goods pool queue wouldn't show up until I reinstalled. Not sure what else is going to be an issue yet (I don't feel like swapping cards around, I'll edit this when I get to it).