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Trading XB1 and 360 COD:Ghosts Download codes.

29 March 2014 - 12:29 PM

H: I happened accross a couple of packaged download codes for COD:Ghosts. It comes with a code for the full game of Ghosts for both the 360 and the XB1.


W: I am looking for season pass codes to either BF4, COD:Ghosts, or a download code for NFS Rivals, all of these I would need on the PS4. I would also accept download codes for Dead RIsing 3 (XB1), or even Bravely Default (3DS). I know people happen upon download codes for games for various reasons, so please contact me if you would like to trade. Thank you.


I have a total of 2 packages, so I have 2 full COD:G games for both XB1 and the 360. These are samer user codes, so ifwhoever gets the 360 one must also use the XB1 code, and vice versa of course.