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#12383601 Steam Deals Thread V13 ~ Star Wars Empire at War $6.80 | The Legend of K...

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 04 January 2015 - 03:24 AM

Had a nice little Divekick Tournament :)



Lies, all LIES.  Squirrel rigged it by hacking the gibson! 

#11973434 Windows 8 Xbox Deals | Rabbids Big Bang $FREE @ 100% off

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 01 August 2014 - 05:45 AM

Rabbids Big Bang is FREE.....again.....

#11866568 Steam Deals Thread V12 ~ Summer Sale on Now!

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 24 June 2014 - 03:17 AM




I don't know whats more embarrassing...Gone Home, which WILL be bundled...or Nether...which IS War Z....


EDIT: Nope, actually these all take the cake...




#11860737 Windows 8 Xbox Deals | Rabbids Big Bang $FREE @ 100% off

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 22 June 2014 - 12:31 AM

Like anyone cares during the steam sale...but Skulls of the Shogun is $1.99 @ 56% off

#11844897 Windows 8 Xbox Deals | Rabbids Big Bang $FREE @ 100% off

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 15 June 2014 - 06:33 PM

Non-Xbox, but worth mention

#11844891 Windows 8 Xbox Deals | Rabbids Big Bang $FREE @ 100% off

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 15 June 2014 - 06:31 PM

Rayman Fiesta Run is $0.99 @ 67% off

#11791764 Steam Deals Thread V11 ~ Let's move along, people...

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 27 May 2014 - 04:47 AM

Us elitist CAGs gamed a bit over the weekend...War Z....yes, War Z...those brave enough to withstand the punishment were rewarded with some Ointment to sooth the pains...


...I shelled out real monies for a Private Server for a week...open to all CAGs looking to loot and enjoy what little can be squeezed from Infestation: Survival Stories!


Server Name: BGCQ Event!
Server Password: bgcqcag


This server is open to all Steam thread CAGs and will only be open till Saturday-ish (when I change the password back to elitists only for the remaining few hours.

#11472741 Windows 8 Xbox Deals | Rabbids Big Bang $FREE @ 100% off

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 25 January 2014 - 07:43 PM

I remember reading that the skulls developer was not going to put the updated stuff on the windows store they were only going to be updating the steam version from here on out.

Well thats fantastic and douchey...

#11442945 Rockband 3 Keyboard Stand $3.97 Gamestop

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 14 January 2014 - 07:54 AM

I'm amazed at how much Rockband Drum sets sale for.
I have given away or taken to Goodwill a couple already. Apparently they are a gold mine

Don't give to Goodwill, they have become the embodiment of evil! They market themselves as a non-profit community supporting company; when in reality they are completely for profit, put huge mark ups on items they get free or resell, cycle inventory during sales to reduce likelihood of high value items selling cheap while still bringing customers in, have an online auction house, and many locations have amazon and ebay accounts to maximize profits...

As convenient as it is, try and give away donations to true non-profits or even local thrift stores...not goodwill... They used to be a fantastic company, but over the years have become nothing more than a pawn shop that you doesn't pay you for their stock.

That rant aside, too bad the closest gamestop with a keyboard stand is like 20 miles away...not worth it for that far a drive...


Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 06 January 2014 - 03:01 AM

Went today, literally all the good games were gone...I was just there on Thursday and there was like 6x copies of each game I was interested in once next price drop hit. Also, tried to get lower price on some fixture items, and the manager on staff like had a panic about offering lower than marked price...yep, gonna have to go when the store manager is actually there. Oh well, at least I got some absolutely terrible DVDs.

#11381110 $0.99 Mouse Pad or Personalized Playing Cards with free shipping!

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 24 December 2013 - 07:43 AM

no wonder you keep bumping this! you get affiliate $$$s for using the codes and you even just copy and pasted outta the email, ahahaha

that said, thanks for posting; and ive gotten a watch from them before back when it got posted here last year; decent quality and surprisingly still on the battery it came with.

EDIT: Anyone who wants me to get $1 can use my code of Z099PLAYN42ZW

#11357153 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 17 December 2013 - 03:35 AM

Ok, back-story, skip to quote for funny, so I bought The War Z during idk some sale several months ago...and yes, I've already talked to several of you about why and how bad it is, lol. Seriously though, I got alot of enjoyment playing with a friend (who bought it on launch before hearing and seeing how bad it was)...it was one of those its soo bad its still bad, its not at all good...but the terribleness provides the fun of "wow, this exists..."

Anyways, lo and behold, after like a half month of playing my account was magically hacked, all collected items stolen, and I was subsequently banned. Fantastic! It gets better... So just because on principal, I wanted my account I paid for back, I decided to contact support...and of course I got no answer...for months...I kept commenting weekly and after 2 months filed a new ticket...then continued commenting each month for the next 2 months.

Well recently they did a mass email to existing tickets saying they had new people running support now and were closing all tickets, if the problem still exists, resubmit your ticket. I resubmitted my issue, not expecting ANYTHING whatsoever, and only doing so because my previous tickets were closed and there was no way I'd ever get a response with no active tickets. Got a response in week (which I consider reasonable) asking for specific further information. I provided...and here is the fantastic response I got 3 days later (almost makes up for the time, except not...but still gave me a laugh)

Hey Ness,

Upon investigation of your account, access by a 3rd party (possibly a Starman) was discovered between [--] and [--]. During this time, hacking occurred and the account was suspended.

We are currently working to clean your account's history and reinstate it. You should be able to log into your account again in the next 24 hours.


I highly recommend regularly changing your passwords, keeping them all unique, long, and include numbers and upper case letters. This is a great website for determining the strength of your password: https://howsecureismypassword.net/

In my experience, combinations of words work best. Here's a great example:
earthbound can be cracked in 9 hours
34rthbound can be cracked in 10 days
iloveearthbound would take 13 thousand years
ILoveEarthbound would take 435 million years
and finally, 1L0v334rthb0und would take 6,000,000,000 years to crack

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a new ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Infestation Customer Support

PS. Keep up the good fight against Giygas!

#11353518 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 16 December 2013 - 02:22 AM

Here is some more BGCQ event news. Again, only posting info on event here to insure I'm raising awareness of my events yet again. This being the third one, moving forward I will only be announcing within the group.


#11344492 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $12 at Amazon (PS3/X360)

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 12 December 2013 - 11:31 PM

Great price, but wanting it on PS3 and having a YLOD PS3 kinda puts me into the $10 or less waiting category.

#11328299 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by EarthBoundX5 on 07 December 2013 - 09:25 PM

I don't own CQ game, though.

Seems like your life is rather incomplete