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In Topic: Black Friday 2018 - The Big Thread | See You Next Year!

18 October 2018 - 08:09 PM

:D there is literally nothing else in my life that I have to look forward to than seeing you shit on people.


This ain't Pornhub, pal.

Lenovo Early Black Friday pricing right now on laptops.


Use code: PAWGU$T


In Topic: Target Ad 6/10-6/16: $50 off + $20 Gift Card - All Xbox Consoles |...

10 June 2018 - 02:17 AM

Bf2 - does it have any sort of campaign?

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 6/10-6/16

10 June 2018 - 02:00 AM

I’ve never heard that before and it makes no sense considering conservatives are generally the ones in favor of the constitution

Nice deals though Bestbuy

Just the second and fifth Amendments.


My GCU expires tomorrow, and it looks to end with a whimper.

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 3/4-3/10

03 March 2018 - 09:52 PM

Finally, Rabbids.


And I guess Thor, too. Debating the 4K version even though my biggest screen is still 720p.

In Topic: Gamestop "New" Thread

14 February 2018 - 04:04 PM

I want to upgrade to a Pro, so that $200 trade-in is tempting. I'd have to find my old 500GB drive, though.


The thing is though, I'm also buying a Pro to get a second PS4. So I'd then have to buy a Slim or something. $400 for a new Pro outright, or $500 for a new Pro and new Slim and mess with a trade-in.