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In Topic: XBL Deals - 2018

22 December 2018 - 07:16 PM

yea thank you. I switched to Bing from Google the other day after seeing you can get 150 points daily from searching

So make multiple accounts and run a bot to search automatically everyday and you’ll never have to pay for points/games again?

In Topic: XBL Deals - 2018

22 December 2018 - 03:14 AM

Will a gold trial work for purchasing gold discounted games? I don’t have gold and they don’t seem to be offering the $1 month Live that I missed out on last month.

In Topic: XBL Deals - 2018

21 December 2018 - 05:12 AM

Will these prices drop lower after Christmas? Lot of these are priced higher than Black Friday last month... would like to get injustice or dragonball fighterz :(

In Topic: XBL Deals - 2018

15 December 2018 - 03:57 PM

Anyone here have an Oculus Go VR headset? If so, opinions on it? Is it any good at that low price point and without needing a good computer to run it?

Wrong thread, bro.

In Topic: XBL Deals - 2018

08 December 2018 - 10:49 PM

Doom is currently $14.99 is this the lowest price for the game ever? Now would be the time to bite if i haven't already yeah?