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raarar's blog > Backlog

Posted 02 September 2016

I only beat 7 games last year (and one DLC) so I’m carrying over a similar number of games to this year. Games were picked by my Wife and friends and they are are color coded by year acquired, acquisition details are next to that. Acquired in 2011
Acquired in 2015
Acquired i n 2016
Acquired in 2017

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raarar's blog > It's been fun PS3...

Posted 16 July 2016

A few blogs back, I posted of problems with my PS3 reading discs. I had to stop playing the game I was playing (Far Cry 3) which bugs me because it's the first time in many years that I started a game and didn't finish it. I was going to buy it digitally to continue but read that the save files wouldn't be compatible so I moved on. I figured out that play...

raarar's blog > Now's a bad time to check in....

Posted 05 October 2015

It's been quite some time since I've written a blog. Figured a lot of bad stuff has been going to in my gaming world so I'd vent here.

I was playing Far Cry 3 on my PS3 and around an hour in it would freeze. It has been super hot this summer so I was thinking maybe it was just too hot for my system. I have my system in an entertainment center with a door...

raarar's blog > Backlog

Posted 17 January 2015

My limit is 31 games in here, which I'm sure I'm over the limit already. Games are color coded by year acquired, acquisition details are next to that. If it's not coded then I will buy it when I get to it in my backlog.

Acquired in 2011
Acquired in 2012
Acquired in 2013
Acquired in 2014
Acquired in 2015
Acquired in 2016

* My PS3 died so I...

raarar's blog > It's been awhile.

Posted 01 May 2014

Hi everybody (Hi Dr. Nick!)

It's been awhile since I've written a blog and just felt like chiming in. I'm still here lurking around at deals and checking out DBJ's blog every weekend. Otherwise I game when I can like any adult with some responsibilities and not a lot of time. Just want to sum up what I've done in that regard so far this year.

- Borderla...