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Blog sunfiredragon > Review: White Knight Chronicles International Edition

Posted 06 January 2011

20229 This is perhaps one of the most complicated reviews I will have written up to this point. A large part of that is going to be because White Knight Chronicles is like a house divided. The game is significantly different between it’s single player and multiplayer options, so I’m going to try and address them separately, even though there is some overl...

Blog sunfiredragon > Review: Borderlands

Posted 21 December 2010

19874 Ah, Borderlands, how fun you were to play. If only every game could be as fun and rewarding as you. Let me count the ways you make me smile.
Your level system is just a joy. I love watching my character get stronger and learn new class specific abilities.
You make it so easy to play with friends! Adjusting your difficulty to accommodate a party of a...

Blog sunfiredragon > Review: Disgaea 3

Posted 13 December 2010

19766 With Nippon Ichi diligently working away on Disgaea 4, what better time to crack open Disgaea 3 and toss away nigh on 350 hours of my life? If you aren't ready for some serious grinding and tedious stat maximization, this game isn't for you. Having played both previous entries in the series, as well as La Pucelle and Phantom Brave, you would think t...

Blog sunfiredragon > Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Posted 07 December 2010

19654 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent is the fourth game in the series chronicling the adventures of Sam Fisher, a black-ops agent working for a division of the NSA, Third Echelon. This time Sam is tasked with infiltrating a group of highly organized terrorists and digging up enough dirt to take down the group while maintaining their trust.


Blog sunfiredragon > Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Posted 29 November 2010

19507 As the newest entry in the series, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is tasked with taking the formula established by Guitar Hero 5 and expanding on the concept. As with most entries in this genre, a lot of your enjoyment of this game hinges on how much you like the included songs, what DLC you already own, and your willingness to import your previous G...