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In Topic: Microsoftstore.com Memorial Clearance Sale incl:Blops2,MGR:R,TR $30 each; more

25 May 2013 - 03:43 AM

Got 2 codes, bought 2 - 1200 ms points, one on wifes account and one on mine. My wife received hers shortly, didn't receive mine until after a chat session tonight. Bitched a bit and she gave me 1200 + 100 for my trouble after threatening to look for playstation 3's online. Lol. Read the transcript below...no joke...just happened a few min ago and yes, i tried to sound like a d-bag in hopes of getting something for my trouble.

What does Playstation 3 or the xbox 1 have to do with this purchase? As someone who does chat support (not for ms) it is unnecessary. The person more than likely was following their procedures. If you are unhappy with the 5-7 day wait (probably would have been much much shorter, but we can not say that) simply asking for a supervisor is the easy way to proceed. Ranting about nonsense does'nt help anyone.

In Topic: Zelda Skyward Sword $19.99 at all Targets until 2/2

27 January 2013 - 04:33 PM

I actually went to best buy to pm and they refused.... Even offered to buy it at target, bring in my receipt, and buy it at best buy, to return my other copy to target... Obviously best buy doesn't want my money... Spend hundreds of $'s there each year.... Definitely will not be back in the store in my town...

Why don't you stop crying like a spoiled brat and just buy from target. "Hundreds of dollars a year" lol they will miss you.

In Topic: Toys R Us digital weekly ad 12/30 to 1/5

30 December 2012 - 02:47 PM

people are a little dramatic with RE6.
Its a shitty gears of war game.
But if you like the characters it is worth playing.
Yes the game sucks, but its not steel battalion.