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In Topic: Target 3/17-3/23; B2G1 Free including Skylanders Figures; $50 GC with WiiU Pu...

23 March 2013 - 03:53 PM

I'm finally going to cave in and get a 3DS tomorrow. Can't resist a 3DS XL for $160!

So I picked up Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter 3, and Zelda: OT with this b2g1.

Really happy with this haul, didn't expect them to have both Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter in stock. Too bad they didn't have Etrian Odyssey though.

This was at the Fontana, CA target. They still have 2 copies of FE and 1 copy of MH3 (3ds).

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29 January 2013 - 08:25 AM

It was this available at $10 for 12 hours a while ago then went to $20 for the week. Coupon brought it down to $5

That's an amazing pack for $5 :drool:

Wish I'd seen it then. Guess I'll just wait to use my coupon on the Fable bundle.

In Topic: [old thread] Amazon PCDD - Summer Sale - $9.99 Walking Dead, Use "Go...

29 January 2013 - 08:12 AM

After lurking Tony's thread every day for a couple of months, I thought that I could at least report back my EC sale damages. Honestly, it was a really good sale. Good show Tony! The only slight downer was that I had so many of the games already... but being a CAG, that's bound to happen to a lot of us.

Things I was hoping for: I was really hoping for a good post-coupon price on Risen 2 and GuildWars2. Not to mention, it would have been nice to have a reapearance of some Paradox packs (good gifts) and finally see the mythical 1C pack.

My current talley:

1. The Darkness II
2. Desert to Sea Bundle
3. Hotline Miami
4. Warhammer 40k Bundle
5. MS Live Bundle
6. MS Live Bundle (gift)
(3 coupons remaining)

There was a Warhammer 40k Bundle? Is it still live? If so, could someone please hook up a link? Couldn't find it in the OP.

In Topic: Amazon PCDD $12.49 Walking Dead ($7.49 after coupon)

16 December 2012 - 02:12 AM

The TSW installer said I only needed 15gb to install. A few hours later my pc starts giving me error messages because my C drive is full. Turns out the installer downloaded over 24 gb of data.

If only the installer would have told me this I would not have installed on my 128gb ssd drive. WTH Funcom, all sorts of problems getting this game going for me.

I've got a strong feeling the illuminati do not want me playing this.

In Topic: Amazon PCDD $12.49 Walking Dead ($7.49 after coupon)

15 December 2012 - 10:28 PM

You could also try asking for help, others had some problems with it yesterday and seemed to resolve them (myself included).

Those issues seemed to arise from already having an account with funcom. I have never had an account with them.

I contacted Funcom support and they were less than helpful. After spending more than an hour googling and trying different things (including following the instructions given by the amazon downloader) I give up and just want a refund.

I guess this world is such a secret that I will never find it. lol

edit: Funcom replied to my email. Apparently they are having problems with their website and they gave me a direct link so I could create an account. I finally found this secret world everyone is talking about!