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Blog themaster20000 > Cry of Fear-A Half-Life 1 mod review

Posted 18 March 2012


Felt doing a mod for the recently released survival horror HL1 mod Cry of Fear.Now even thought it's a mod,it's basically a full game since everything is 100% original,even the engine is heavily edited.


You play a...

Blog themaster20000 > NYC Comic Con Pickups

Posted 21 October 2011

Here are the items I picked up while I was there,along with the stuff my friend picked up. http://i1206.photobu...sandBerserk.jpg Got The Slayers and Berserk 18 for $5 each.Got Berserk 33 brand new for $3

Got Oh! My Goddess 12 and...

Blog themaster20000 > NYC Comic Con Cosplay pics

Posted 20 October 2011

This was my first convention that I went to and I had a blast.Anyway I thought I would share the cosplay pics I took.Now half these pics were taken with my friend's Android since I forgot my camera the first day:cry: Anyway enjoy the pics! http://i1206.photobu...000/riddler.jpg