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Blog Josh5890 > Why the Wii-U may be my only console next generation

Posted 28 June 2012

Well the Wii-U is only 4-5 months away (supposedly), and while alot of people are skeptical of Nintendo's next console I am very excited about the future. I am so pumped for it that it may become my only console next generation. Now I know alot of you are rolling your eyes but hear me out...

1. First Party Games- I love Nintendo's games. Mario, Metr...

Blog Josh5890 > My experience seeing "The Artist" tonight.

Posted 30 December 2011

Tonight I went to the movie theater to go see The Artist. I had never seen a silent film before in a theater setting so I was excited for this experience. None of my local theaters are showing this picture so I was forced to drive up to Lombard (40 minute drive). Believe it or not, it added to the experience in a positive way. My 15 year old brother tagge...

Blog Josh5890 > My 2011 E3 wishlist/predictions

Posted 06 June 2011

Well we are mearly hours away from the greatest week of the year for video gamers. E3!!!! Since I can't go, I'm stuck watching it at home, again. Once again here are my hopes and dreams for the video game world. (Keep in mind I do not own an Xbox so I'll keep Microsoft's very short.)


Alan Wake (for PC)
Gears of War 3 (for PC)
Left for...

Blog Josh5890 > Help vote for the Top 100 PS2 games ever! (Please) :)

Posted 29 March 2011


Hi I'm back. I was hoping that I would get more support but not alot of people have contributed to this point. Since picking 100 can be time consuming I'm asking that people at least give their top 10 ps2 games. More is greatly appreciated!!! Hopefully more people will put in their 2 cents. I'...

Blog Josh5890 > Help vote for the Top 100 PS2 games ever!

Posted 04 March 2011

With this blog post, I'll be short and to the point. I've started a little campaign on CAG to help decide the greatest PS2 games of all time according to CAG's. Please go to my post http://www.cheapassg...657#post8228657 and there you can vote for your favorite games on the PS2. I've given everyone a 3 week time frame to...