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Blog hero101 > Good bye CAG - I'm leaving for the Navy in 2 days

Posted 16 February 2010

I'm facing basic training and I will be totally outside my comfort zone. I'm going in as enlisted. I'm going to be homesick and I'm going to miss my girlfriend. But I'm going there to be more financially stable and maybe become a better and more mature person. As some of you might know, I started selling off a lot of my game collection and I barely ha...

Blog hero101 > My lowball auction just started ~ Come in

Posted 09 July 2009

There aren't any bids on DS game or wii games. :roll:
Edit: Wait, there are some.

Blog hero101 > Horrible weather in NYC

Posted 12 June 2009

I hate all the rain we been having this week and last week. I think I'm in a tropical rain forest sometimes. My underwear sticks to my skin and my shirt sticks to my skin since I sweated under my shirt. My light jacket is clamped onto my t-shirt and I have to struggle to get it off. Sometimes the weather just rains and it then it just stops. I feel l...

Blog hero101 > Achievement Obtained:

Posted 08 June 2009


I gained girl friend.
I guess if an otaku anime gamer could get girl friend then no one else should have any problems. I think the long distance relationship is going to be hard since I'm going to the Navy soon. If we could both pull through this then we have a future together. Come to think of it, my life was always a gamble. :lol: I won't b...

Blog hero101 > Basic Swimming Blog # 1

Posted 07 June 2009

Material needed: Eye goggles, Swimming Trunks, Women don't need any clothes when they're swimming. :lol: Unless they're really ugly.

Lesson # 1:
Breathing under water
1) Jump into a pool. Make sure you're not drowning at this point.
2) Take a deep breathe.
3) Put your head in the water.
4) Blow out with your nose. (Bubble should come out of your n...