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Blog FarmhouseMedia > 12 Days of Shovelware - Sung by Santa Farmhouse

Posted 29 November 2012

Blog FarmhouseMedia > Finished with Black Ops!!! (Video)

Posted 28 January 2011

Just an idea I had for a video. Although I'm not REALLY done with Black Ops. I just wish I had a better green screen for this. :lol:

Blog FarmhouseMedia > 2010 Video Game Round Up / Christmas Special (Video)

Posted 21 December 2010

In this video my friend and I exchange presents and talk about gaming in 2010.

What we thought were the best exclusives, best multiplayer, best coop, and best and worst overall!

If you don't care about the presents part and want to just see us talking about the games, I suggest starting the video at 6:10


Blog FarmhouseMedia > Video Game Industry RANT!!

Posted 06 May 2010

Well, I'm not normally a ranting guy, but there's just a couple things about the video game industry that I have to get off my chest!

Blog FarmhouseMedia > Just Cause 2 Montage - Blowin' S#!t UP!

Posted 23 April 2010

A little montage I threw together using the PS3 version of Just Cause 2's video capturing ability. Doing what I like doing best in the game... Blowing s#!t up!