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CHEAP games for Oz - Opinions Needed!!!!

30 November 2009 - 10:34 PM


I run a successful wholesale business, and we are looking at moving into the gaming market, specifically the Australian market.

We are looking at setting up a 'store' which caters specifically to Australian gamers, but the games will all be UK PAL. We will list all the best deals available, from retailers such as Zavvi, TheHut.com and Play etc. plus a small margin for us, and shipping to Australia. We are also looking at using a distribution company and pick & pack service, whereby we can use Austalia Post or Express Parcel delivery to ship out games held in storage in Australia. For this we will need to hold stock of course, and this is something I'm looking at in depth.

Please let me know your thoughts, as Cheap Ass Gamer is obviously our first port of call for savvy price hungry gamers :p

I've added a Poll. If you are Australian and think you'd be interested, let me know.

An example would be a game such as Borderlands for PS3, which we could ship to Australia delivered to door for $66AUD. The current prices in Australia are around $75 - 88AUD?

Pre-owned Xbox 360 Arcade £99 (Fri 31st)

30 July 2009 - 08:08 PM

A good deal coming up on Friday 31st at Gamestation.

Pre-owned Xbox 360 Arcades at £99.
They come "sealed in fully printed, glossy packaging. Inside the box the console and components are all individually sealed in protective bags"
Complete with 1 year warranty :)