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In Topic: Official CAG Destiny Thread 2.0 - Taken King 9/15/15

Yesterday, 10:57 PM

Ran Two Raids and the Daily Story this morning.  Made really good time and cleared both raids in a little under 3 hours.  We DPS'ed Warpriest so bad one time we killed him in two turns.  Also had a really quick Golgoroth Kill in there as well.


I didn't get much.... Well I got 2 Rockets (didn't have any to start) and another HC w/Firefly.

In Topic: Official CAG Destiny Thread 2.0 - Taken King 9/15/15

Yesterday, 01:00 AM

I have been stuck right at the cusp of Rank 3 on my Hunter and have had no luck getting any more of those fusion rifles to turn in. This upcoming Armsday I will be able to snag my other two exotic swords and then my Ace of Spades! : D

You won't get anymore to drop if you have already gotten 4 I think?  It is 4 or 5 from what I've seen on reddit.



Also I've been kinda quiet lately, been on the grind too much and planning to start all over on the PS4 still but so much to do still....  I did get a full raid set on my hunter after 2 clears (I got my Bone Marrow shader!) and only missing boots (story of my life) on my Warlock.  Going for my first run with my Titan tonight after work.  

Weapon wise still missing:  Auto Rifle, Sniper, Rocket.   Got fusion on my Warlock thank god.  I didn't want a 4th shotgun :bomb:   Also have gotten 2 bonds on warlock as well.  Smoldering Shards seem to be total hit and miss.  :/

In Topic: Official CAG Destiny Thread 2.0 - Taken King 9/15/15

05 October 2015 - 11:38 PM


I've already gotten Fabian Strategy and Tlaloc from the gunsmith.  What does the Hunter get?

Ace of Spades.  Think exotic fatebringer with a perk called Maverick where you get a precision kill it auto reloads that bullet from your ammo into your clip.  Fabulous for PvE

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01 October 2015 - 06:42 PM

Been on vacation and been off and on and kind of lurking around here lately.


Got my raids in last week.  RNG was good.  Hunter with bonus drop got:  Hand Cannon, Scout, Shotty, Helmet.  Warlock wasn't as lucky but got the helm there as well.  Been working to get my Titan raid ready, pretty much there :)


Last night ran the raid and got arms and boots so I could get the Bone Marrow shader.  Looks pretty cool on my hunter.  Was happy to get the class item finally as well.  Only 1 gun and of course it had to be my 3rd Shotgun.... :bomb:


Finished off my Touch of Malice & Ace of Spades exotic quests as well.  Now working on my sword.  Been kinda slacking there ;)



EDIT: Ace of Spades... :drool: 

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23 September 2015 - 09:37 AM

First raid clear tonight. So much fun!

Almost had 2 clears. First one we made it to Oryx with no issue. Unfortunately people had to leave. Finishing that run tomorrow. Got Ghost shell, and heavy machine gun.

2nd run got Pulse and Shotgun.

Well, I was watching a video where they made the Warpriest look easy. The thing is, they had Hunters with their new super and they were doing ridiculous damage because of that. They had him down in almost 2 turns. We had no Hunters when we did it last night. So once again you need a stupid Hunter to do the Raid (just like with Crota). I really don't like that they do that sort of thing.

Uh no you don't... My team took him down pretty much at 3 turns. Did it on 4th when he had a sliver of health. Neither of the hunters used their teathers either. You guys must not have DPS'ed enough