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#12563336 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 12 March 2015 - 01:44 PM




Managed to get Flawless Raider with io and 3 others.  So yeah we 5 manned the Crota raid and didn't cheese the bridge either!  :)  I'm off to Redbox at lunch to get the stack and my 1000 gamerscore on the 360 version now.


io has a short video of the kill here:



So happy to have the game complete gamerscore wise.  :)

#12562787 Official Collector's Edition Compilation III: Metal Gear Solid V CE @Game...

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 12 March 2015 - 02:19 AM

Has there been any further word of Zombie Army Trilogy getting a physical release here, debating just importing now.

They said they were working on getting one here.  I still don't understand why we didn't get a physical at the same time the Europe did.  I almost imported one and then almost bought it digitally with the discount.  Thankfully I have so much to play that I can refrain until we get a physical release here. :)

#12525182 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 23 February 2015 - 05:34 PM

io, congrats on the g-horn. Vendetta/Linkin good work on the iron banner.  I kept thinking I would get into some Iron Banner this week to clear up some exotic bounties, but I ended up waiting too long to really commit.  Plus I never did iron banner so I don't have all the boost items unlocked yet.  lol 


I was reading this guide https://www.reddit.c..._ib_a_detailed/ and it sounds like you only have to commit a couple hours a day to hit the top ranks since the tempered bonus is so high the last few days.  Next time around I might put some time into it, but we'll see if I'm still playing by then.  Not much to keep me going now, but keep playing for some reason. :(


Oh yea, Vendetta you will like this story.  I was buying synths this weekend plus trying to clear up some vault space and wandered over the the postmaster to pick up a level up package.  Went in there and along with 3 Husk of the Pits that I never picked up was a brand new Red Death.  I don't remember seeing it drop so not sure if it was just something I missed from a Crota/Atheon kill or what.  So I have all the exotic weapons on new rolls except for Bad Juju, Thorn & Invenctive.  I have active bounties for all 3 so I guess eventually I have to finish them up.

Yeah for IB, if I were you I would at least try to get at least the Emblem and Shader.  The bounties are pretty easy to complete and should boost you up in rank really fast.


As for Red Death... Jerk.  ;)



Also yesterday in Iron Banner, I brought a knife to a gun fight. :D


#12477555 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 06 February 2015 - 11:02 PM

Dumb ass Xur...

Nothing of note. No heavy synths. I think the weapon is Plan C (the ONE exotic I get a lot from the Raid chests/checkpoints). He has Sunbreakers (for like the 10th time at least) and Don't Touch Me (everyone should buy these if they have a Hunter or think they might ever have one). He has gauntlet engrams AGAIN.

And yet the engram RNG still continues to be good to me even when all others suck. I got two gauntlet engrams. First, on my Warlock, I got Claws of Akhamwhatever which turned into an exotic shard since I had better ones already (hadn't even bothered to level them up). But then on my Titan I had to run to Xur to turn in that last Eris mission (for the gauntlets - I just cleared it so it wouldn't keep taking up a bounty slot). On a whim I decided to get one more engram and I ended up with Ruin Wings! Yes! I think that's the only exotic gauntlet I didn't have.

So that inspired me to do a few bounties and patrols to level them up a bit.

I took the Bad Juju bounty on my Warlock - it's too bad I did it right after doing the Nightfall and Weekly since that is the first step. I don't really feel like running it again just for that but I suppose I could do the Weekly at the lowest level and that should be pretty quick.



I bought engram 2nd (big mistake) after I had already bought Sunbreakers...  And guess what I got... :wall:


Sunbreakers!  With a -25 roll compared to the one that Xur was selling...


I can't decide if I want to knock out 3 quick VOG for the week and be done until reset.  I do still have a hard raid with my titan to do on Crota but I'm not motivated to do so.


I started Dying Light last night and I'm having fun with it.  Maybe I can kick this constantly playing Destiny habit now! :D

#12470281 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 04 February 2015 - 03:28 AM

Got my first Crota kill on hard running sword.  Did it with 3 randos and 2 friends.  So I'm good to go being sword bearer on hard mode now :D


1 time I got too greedy and paid for it.  After that though I got over trying to get too many hits.  First time we got him to enrage, I killed his ass!

#12457449 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 30 January 2015 - 08:30 PM

Okay, I guess I need someone to explain this to me because Plan C seemed to be be the most boring of the exotics.  I think it was the 2nd exotic drop I ever got and I used it for a while and was unimpressed.  The perks seem very vanilla and I got better results out of some of the other legendary FRs.  Once I got Pocket Infinity and Light of the Abyss, I just broke C down for the exotic shard.


Just looked at Xur's wares...boooooo.  Is it me, or does it seem like we've seen this exact same lineup already this month?

dot is right that it is more of a PvP weapon but I feel it is the best fusion other than Vex for PvE.  I switch weapons on the fly a lot so the quick charge perk is good for someone like me.  Plus the damn thing hits so hard.  I love the range on the gun as well.  I didn't shard my 2nd one I got last night from Atheon yet so I may or may not keep it depending on need for shards.



I didn't even pay attention to when the game was, but as usual with these things in order to cater to the East Coast they are usually way too early for me. Like by the time I settle down to watch something like that it is usually over ;). I guess I figured it would be much earlier than that. I'm only mildly interested in it this year, so it doesn't matter to me either way. Maybe if it is a blowout we can start a bit earlier. Being in the Pacific NW everyone is a Seahawks fan which just drives me nuts (because I grew up a Niners fan). So I don't think I can stomach another Seahawks romp and would rather be playing Destiny or even cleaning my garage than watching that!

Are we doing Normal or Hard? If it is just Normal then I think we can do the whole thing in an hour. If it is Hard, one of us should get Vendetta's Oracles CP if he isn't running it with us.

I still have the CP and am always more than happy to pass it along if you guys want it.  I can't wait till my buddy finally gets his Fate Bringer so I can just recycle the Gorgon CP and not have to do oracles or templar again. :)




So yeah onto Xur.... Nothing but hot garbage, even the 1 upgrade I can do was shit.  Young Ahamkara's Spine's upgrade is atrocioius. I would lose about 25 discipline upgrading my 30 light ones.  So yep not happening!  I wish you could buy the engrams with strange coin.  Only had enough for 1 engram since I went apeshit last week on helmet engrams.  Again got some good luck.  Got Claws of Ahamkara for the Warlock.  :)   Man my RNG was pretty much perfect this week. :D

#12453927 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 29 January 2015 - 06:24 PM

I'm hung up in leveling due to warlock Hadronic whatever. Is the best method to glimmer farm and buy armor to break down?


That or doing Vanguard Roc strikes since you can get Marks while doing it as well as blue engrams to level up cryptarch and then shard for materials.  I'm going back and forth with my Titan right now since plasteel is preventing me from leveling up my raid gear.  Currently I'm glimmer farming because I had to buy rare fusion rifles to break down for my pocket infinity bounty.  After I get decent amount of glimmer (around 8-10k), I'll go back to running strikes I think since glimmer farming is so damn boring.

#12450221 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 28 January 2015 - 10:02 AM

Got the Necrochasm :D


Only need the Hand Cannon to have every raid weapon.  :)

#12440316 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 25 January 2015 - 12:13 AM

How do you guys find 2-3+ crews to run raids with....I'm having a hard time finding 1, I know I got help from some of you CAGs recently  and I'm very appreciative but to find a crew to run stuff weekly seems almost impossible specially with my small windows every night.   So jelly...I'm going to try to see if my luck improves with Dads of Destiny.

For me at least I have 3 groups I can run with.  io's if they need someone, I've been filling in.  I have 2 friends that I've known IRL since Halo 2 (we are all from the same hometown).  And then I have a pool of about 8-10 that I've met through mutual friends.  Funny thing is, quite a few of them are from the achievement community and still can't stop playing Destiny despite getting all the achievements already. :D


I love playing shooters with my 2 IRL buddies.  We get each other's play styles and have so much time spent playing together it usually doesn't matter who the other 3 are.  :)

#12438378 Anyone getting weird spam msgs on their Xbox One?

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 24 January 2015 - 04:02 AM

Two times today got a msg talking about saferaffle.com how they won an xbox...etc

Yep been getting those and FIFA UT ones.  My friend has been broadcasting us on Twitch playing Destiny and that is when it started for me.  I just block and report them.

#12438283 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 24 January 2015 - 03:28 AM

That is going to be very hard to do - but please let me know if you need another to help ;).

My other group may be running it 11-12 or so tonight so if we need one and you are on I'll do the same. But if you are trying any earlier let me know (I' available now).

Will do man!  I currently am not doing a run since I had to go into the office to get some work done.  I will definitely be on tonight though and am trying to gather for a run so if my group is 1 short (I think we might be, I'll hit you up first).


Also if you could let AK and Foxy know that I friended them that would be appreciated!  Hammer already added me back, I'll add Bahamt <----SP if I get to play with him a little more.  Your group seems pretty cool though.  I may now be at the point where I don't ever have to LFG again thankfully!

#12437383 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 23 January 2015 - 11:40 PM



This was from jgu over on the PS4 thread


I'm determined to do this.  Both my teams are very good at communication and we have good team work.  Thanks for sharing that it is possible.  :)


Also I've now had 2 successful runs where I was my hunter and passed the abyss part solo.  :D

#12426405 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 20 January 2015 - 06:48 PM

You might have the Patience and Time to actually snipe Phogoth, but do you even Thunderlord??


(from reddit this morning)

Oh (Thunder)Lordy.  I've been doing it all wrong.  Guess I know what gun is next up on the Exotic level up list. ;)

#12423570 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 19 January 2015 - 06:04 PM

Yeah the Saterienne Rapier.


And ugh! I never get any drops, damn. If I ever get anything it is a really crappy special weapon, never primaries!

I'll trade you RNG for like 3 weeks!  I'm the exact opposite.  I only get primaries and hardly ever get special weapons.  I get a fair amount of secondary but the game likes giving me fusion rifles more than sniper :bomb: and sniper more than shotgun (Thankfully!) :D/

#12410752 Destiny Discussion Thread - Fear The Moon Wizards on September 9th

Posted by Vendetta_x360 on 14 January 2015 - 06:23 PM

Haha that is why I hate LFG stuff. I just need to play with friends I really enjoy playing with and we know each other's skills and everything. I would rather not play at all, than play a Raid with people I do not like playing with.

100% agreed.  I actually must have gotten lucky and I've met some really good people at first through LFG.  I'm dreading trying to do Crota that method now because I bet 75%-80% of those kids on there only cheesed and can't do that shit legit.  Last week was rough trying to get people for VoG hard.  These kids I grouped up with wanted to do Oracles non-cheese, which is fine.  Then they proceeded to die oh about 10 times.  So being strapped for time as is, I suggest the cheese.  And these dipshits couldn't even do that right.  I normally don't bail but I was pissed so I just left and said F'it.


For that exact reason (LFG kids sucking something fierce) Broly I'm going to add you.  Simosaurus same with you and Linkin Prime as well.  Anyone else I need to add?  :)




Also io's group had a great strat in my opinion for Crota.  Essentially what one of the guys was explaining to me was, as soon as they clear the side rooms, go for chalice, kill sword guy ASAP.  Then everyone fires on rocket and shoots primary.  If you do it quick enough, you can get three downs on Crota with the first sword.  So for you guys that I tried to help with Crota last night, if you want to give it another go lets maybe try this?  I'm done raiding for the week but am always open to helping out!