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What Are You Playing This Weekend? > What Are You Playing This Weekend - The Finally Warm Weather Edition!

Posted 14 March 2014

Friday! :D

Man the weather here is finally starting to get nice. I think in all honesty I hated the cold temperatures more than the snow. The snow plus the cold temperatures is what made me absolutely hate winter this year. Anywho a certain Titan game dropped on Tuesday. I ended up getting that, Dark Souls II, and Atelier Escha & Logy. Probably...

What Are You Playing This Weekend? > What Are You Playing This Weekend - The South Park Edition

Posted 07 March 2014



DBJ is alive, he mentioned on Twitter he hasn't posted in weeks. So I suppose he will be back soon? Anyways...

South Park just hit on Tuesday. Minus a little break to play newest Walking Dead Episode, that has consumed all of my time. Absolutely brilliant game! So far my early favorite for GOTY. I have a hook up and am getting a Gra...

What Are You Playing This Weekend? > What Are You Playing This Weekend - The I Hate Snow Edition

Posted 21 February 2014

No DBJ Blog in sight. Fill in time!

Friday :D

I'm getting so sick of this snow. Ready for spring time and driving with windows down, sunglasses on, and shorts and at best a light wind breaker jacket.

As for gaming... I downloaded Phantom Breaker BG on XBLA the other evening and I am having a blast with it. Going to try and get most of the game compl...

What Are You Playing This Weekend? > What are you playing this weekend? Fill In Edition

Posted 07 February 2014

No DBJ... Fill In it is!

Friday :D

Thankfully I have today off so lots of gaming to be done today!

First off my buddy rented a BF3 server so we will be grinding out some achievements in that over the next week or so. The Pokemon Bank just came out so I will also be playing some Black 2 and White 2 so I can transfer some legendaries over to X/Y.


Blog ZxT Vendetta > What Are You Playing This Weekend? - The DBJ Must Have Eaten Too Much Turkey Edition

Posted 29 November 2013

Black Frrrrrrrriday! :D
DBJ and the usual other fill ins (myself included) must have either been too busy shopping and/or must have overindulged themselves with too much turkey ;) :razz:

Hope everyone had a joyous Turkey Day and were able to score some good deals. I went kind of mellow this BF since I spent too much for the Xbox One Launch last week. I...