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#12876451 Preorder Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition for $59.99 (GS/Amazon...

Posted by VendettaXBL on 20 August 2015 - 10:05 PM

I think its worth it.  I was happy that I was able to preorder an Xbox One Version of the collectors at Gamestop the other day when they either got some more or people cancelled.  I want that coin to go along with my Dinklebot.


On the other hand you might not want to use me as an example, as this is what I am buying:

Taken King Limited Edition PS4 Console

Taken King Digital Edition PS4 (use digital codes from collectors console, sell the disc/dlc from console)

Taken King Collectors Edition Xbox One


I might be considered Hardcore Destiny.......

I'm doing the exact same thing!  My gamestop's manager was like you sure you don't need the Physical CE on PS4?  :lol: :rofl:

#12853617 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 07 August 2015 - 06:34 PM

I'm still undecided in what I want to do when Taken King comes out...


-Still Kept my pre-order, I intend to get all the achievements at the very least but after that I may be moving on unless I can get a consistent group of my friends to continue playing PvP.




-The monotony of using the same old weapons will now be gone.  If the armory is like they say it is, I'm very excited because at the core, the gunplay is the best period and nothing is even close.  Gunplay is what I love most about the game.  Not the loot.  The GUNPLAY


-I'm fine with Light Level being gone.  IMO it was a system that limited them and made it purely dependent on gear drops.


-Smart RNG so to speak where it takes into account previous drops.


-Finally being able to wear whatever class item and get rep for what faction you want.  This should have been in the game from the start




-I can't help but feel that Bungie can't make up their minds.  I just want it one way or the other none of this flip flop back and forth bullshit.


-I'm Fuck 'ing salty as hell about my Trials weapons that I worked for being made irrelevant so soon.  Make the previous 2 expansion weapons worthless and let us keep our PoE and ToO guns till the next expansion Bungie.


-Vault Space.... They know this is the number one thing wished for.  I think that by making the older weapons irrelevant is the way they are addressing this for the time being. 


-Going back to vault space, I don't buy for a fucking minute that they are limited by the previous gen.  I mean we are getting a bank for shaders that we can pull in and out of freely.  I think they are yanking our chains.


-If my previous gripe is off point, then drop Fuck ing support for 360 and PS3.  They are limiting the PS4 and X1.




I'm kind of miffed that they mentioned nerfing the Black Hammer but why would they do that when it is going to be irrelevant now anyways?  It goes back to me thinking they are flip flopping.




Anyways, I will playing a lot less now that I have the Bones of Eao.  Exotics collection complete.  My nightfalls this week were poop.  Strange Coin twice and a shitty rolled Eternal Warrior.  Oh well at least Xur didn't let me down.  Also the shittiest trials map is the choice this week... Thieves Den sucks something fierce.  :bomb:

#12823411 50% trade bonus coupon at Gamestop valid 7/13-7/19 + 7/27-08/2

Posted by VendettaXBL on 23 July 2015 - 07:24 PM

I'm sure its in a million places in this thread but wondering if 1 code works for multiple games.

Yes it will work on multiple games.

#12816719 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 20 July 2015 - 02:53 PM

Last night I successfully ran the lamps in CE solo on both normal and hard for the first time. I haven't tried that in a long time. Didn't get any good drops tho.

I just ran them on hard on Friday night for my first time in a long time as well.  Miss doing that, though I might be doing it more since a few of my friends need good exotics still (Gjally of course and 1 needs an IceBreaker)



Made 2 Lighthouse trips yesterday.  Got 2 Scholars like I wanted but.... They were duplicates.  Another Arc and another Solar.  :cry:

#12810978 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 17 July 2015 - 01:54 AM



Well they actually did it.  Never thought they would....


Gjallarhorn getting a damage nerf.  Never thought they would have the balls to do it.




Anyways... the tuning is pretty much PvP good, PvE bad.


-Thorn is getting a nerf.  I abso Fuck 'ing love this.  This is what I wanted most.  Now those Thorn abusing d'bags have to actually be precise and not spam, the burn got nerfed, and best of all the range is nerfed since you can't get two shotted any longer. 


-Shotgun nerfs to shot package and rangefinder.  Thank you again Bungie.  Now I can Last Word the shit out of shotgunners even more than I do now :D


-Final Round is essentially a PvE perk now.  To get the damage buff you have to hit a crit.  No more bullshit in Trials with these "1337" snipers.  Love that they did this.  Being a person that doesn't abuse Final Round, this is fantastic for Trials especially. 


-Auto Rifle buff.  Might be time to dust off the good ole Suros.  :D



Bad Things:


-Black Hammer.... They pretty much have killed this gun for PvE now.  White nail now takes ammo out of your reserve ammo.  A slight increase of mag size won't alleviate this.


-IceBreaker... Personally this doesn't bother me as I think IB is quite overrated honestly.  Recharge time to 8 sec instead of 5.  Only scenario I can foresee is on Oracles.  Other than that maybe on a Juggler week?  Not a big deal to me.


-Last Word range nerf on top of the HC range nerf already.  I guess we will see about this.  I do aim down sights at mid to close range but I nail headshots so unless it absolutely kills it, I might opt for Red Death or Suros.

#12810432 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 16 July 2015 - 08:29 PM

Yep. People don't believe me when I try to explain that special & heavy are from normal Crota only. Primaries are from hard Crota.


Got a Mida, the WRONG hunter boots (green glowing crap...forgot name), and a Suros. 3 shards.


I can't wait to get the chest pieces. Glad they still have hand cannon ammo on them, though I probably wouldn't use them in Trials, ironically.

Dance Machines!  Which actually are fun to play with in PvP along with a fast shooting scout like MIDA.  Perhaps the game is trying to tell you something ;)


One of my buddies is after the Radiant Dance Machines!  I tried mine out with one of my Legendary fast shooting scouts and I had some fun playing that way.  Ran Gjallarhorn on that loadout just cuz. ;)

#12791183 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 08 July 2015 - 09:14 PM

Damn you i'll been trying to get a solar dregs pride to complete one of each element for hand cannons.  This stupid game gave me two void ones!  The Bone of Eaos is the bomb that quad jump!

If it makes you feel any better, I got a shit perk for Dregs :bomb:


I just want one void scout.  From PoE or ToO.... I would prefer the Trials one because the Scholar is so money but at this point I want one so I can get rid of one of these Word of Crotas.

#12791124 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 08 July 2015 - 08:48 PM

Nothing of note from the nightfall.  Strange Coin and 2 shitty Legendary Weapons.  I just want the Bones of Eos... Not asking much game.  Or a Celestial Nighthawk with a better roll than the shitty one I have :bomb:


I did get another set of Ahamkara's Claw from a Legendary.  Of course/Thankfully a shittier roll.  I am running so low on Hadronic Essence because I kept getting better rolled gear for my Warlock.


Did a 35 Skolas last night and got a Dreg's Pride II with Solar.  So I have 2 Solar HC's now :)


Ended up squeezing in another Skolas this morning and didn't get anything.  I don't really need to do anything aside from my planned 3rd Skolas run tonight.  Still hoping for a Wolves Leash w/Void :drool:  Though I should probably run 32 and 34 on my Titan to get my last elder cipher done. :)



Also io, this is the gaming monitor that I purchased that we were discussing last night.  Love this thing.  It made all the difference for me in PvP.  Virtually no input lag. :D


http://www.amazon.co... gaming monitor



And this is the 24" version:

http://www.amazon.co... gaming monitor

#12788999 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 07 July 2015 - 06:38 PM

Got all my triumphs already.  Ended up getting the gold chests because I was bored as hell one week.  All of them seem quite easy to be honest.  The emblem does look cool.


Speaking of look cool...




So sexy. :drool:   Going to be getting that for sure.

#12779961 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 01 July 2015 - 08:49 PM

So I think I'm becoming a PvP addict now... Said I was going to go to bed before reset and ended up going to bed like 2.5 hours later... :wall:


Got all my IB bounties done though.  Well except the stupid melee one, which sucks being a hunter.  I may just forget that one this time around.  Unless anyone has suggestions.  I guess I could throwing knife?

#12777890 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 30 June 2015 - 09:54 PM

Yeah, I ignore that since there is no way I have any room for that stuff. How can you also collect the faction armor on top of all the other stuff? It just isn't possible.

I haven't had an issue with armor at all.  I don't keep doubles of anything unless it is a pure INT or pure DIS roll.  Split rolls it just depends on how your character is set up spec wise.  Even with all the IB, Kell, Exotics, VoG, Crota, Watchers, and Trials gear, I still have over half my vault space left.  I mean I am having an issue with Helmets on all three and arms on my Hunter but otherwise it is a non-issue.  I value the armor for the exact reasons Broly said, the different stat rolls can be much better than the ones you can buy.  Perks to me are more important than roll if you don't have the exact perks to spec your guy right.  Like I have arms on everyone with fast scout and fast hand cannon reloads and of course chests with Special Weapon (and specifically Sniper) and HC ammo.  Boots with heavy of course.  After getting those perks with right stat rolls you can afford to be picky for a specific type of one.  :)


Now I just need to spec my Warlock to my liking.

#12777498 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 30 June 2015 - 07:23 PM

Man the nightfall is a piece of cake.  Only really have to watch out and not get caught in crossfire between the Acolytes since they fire void.  Just Gjally the shit out of Phogoth and boom done.


Got Truth and wait for it....

I just want the Bones of Eos or Eternal Warrior dammit!


On the bright side, I got a Thermisto shader today! :D




EDIT:  So I have my Hunter with perfect gear setup when I Gunsling and near perfect when Bladedancing.  No strength at all, 100% Intellect and Discipline, More ammo perks for Hand Cannon, Sniper, Heavy Weapon.  Also have fast reload with Hand Cannon and I can run my Symbiote helm for 4 Golden Gun Shots :)


Now I need to get better stat roll gear for my Warlock.  My Titan is also damn near perfect for PvP.

#12775661 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 29 June 2015 - 10:15 PM

Doing some editing and putting new info in the OP for Taken King.  Work in progress. :)





Anyone else here wear gamer themed shirts?  I only have a couple Halo ones and Mass Effect but I love some of the logo'ed ones on the Bungie store.  Debating getting at least 1 and maybe a poster to hang up.

#12773538 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 28 June 2015 - 01:23 PM

Man we were just on last night. We won 24 straight games without a loss. :D

#12754899 Official CAG Destiny Thread - Rise of Iron

Posted by VendettaXBL on 18 June 2015 - 08:42 PM

I think getting the Lighthouse once ignited something in me and my 2 buddies.  We've been PvP'ing a lot this week and none of us really give a shit about PoE right now it seems.  I think we are shooting for 2 Lighthouse trips this weekend :)


Oh and I finally got this last night.





Now if I could get that damn Nineveh and/or Tyre shader, I could move on and run 2 people on New Monarchy.