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#13769989 GameStop Ad 7/5-7/11

Posted by Gears24 on 06 July 2017 - 03:19 AM

Wait...schools nowadays have video game clubs?

I don't think my high school had a video game club, but I remember we had one or two LAN parties.

#10517277 CAG Lose It weight loss challenge.

Posted by Gears24 on 05 May 2013 - 05:28 AM

I always take one after, as everything I've read says that that is when your muscle is most begging for nutrients (ie. protein), and this is a quick and easy way for me to get a good amount. Not sure on before, I think that might make me a little bloated.

That's exactly what i do,take it right after my workout. But I need something to give me a little energy boast for my workout. I usually take protein bars before,but I realized it's getting pretty expensive to be buying a box every week. I would just eat something before my workout,but i'm at school and right after school I go to the fitness center and we eat lunch around 10:30 and I workout around 3:30. I really wouldn't wanna take pre workouts or energy drinks either.

#7224362 RDR2 (PS4) $40 shipped! No trades.

Posted by Gears24 on 17 July 2010 - 10:10 PM


#7223504 RDR2 (PS4) $40 shipped! No trades.

Posted by Gears24 on 17 July 2010 - 04:12 PM