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In Topic: CAGcast #647: 15 Cent Movie Tickets and 15 Years of CAGcast

20 August 2020 - 05:04 AM

Happy 15th ( quince) to the cagcast! I know you guys have been using hello fresh for making meals but since you’ve been in quarantine have any of you tried experimenting with cooking? For example I made pizza nachos and bacon wrap asparagus spears. In reference to the amc theatres reopening I would be kinda nervous as well but Walmart is doing something where they are making faux drive in movie theatres in their parking lots with offering their grocery store pick up to act as a walk in snack pick up. I’ll try to post more comments on the show threads. Once again congratulations on the 15 year anniversary resident evil 2 on GameCube is still the best deal I’ve ever deal wombats still a dick (jk). To you guys I hope you and your family are safe along with all CAGs we will be okay we will make it through together stay safe keep 6 and breads done.

In Topic: CAGcast #622: Audio Dad Bod

07 February 2020 - 06:20 PM

Nice episode guys speaking of waiting times what was the longest time shipwreck, cheapy and wombat ever waited for a game at e3?