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Blog NegativeZero > My BB Time Square Halo Reach Midnight Release Experience PHEW!

Posted 14 September 2010

WOW. I got a couple of pictures and had a great time, Most awesome midnight release ever! I didn't thing it was possible to be better than the Halo 3 MR at BB on 5th ave but this was so much better (though I didn't win a Zune or anything this time).

Night began with standing on line in the rain (i was under scaffolding luckily) for a couple of hours, g...

Blog NegativeZero > Movie Recommendation : GOEMON

Posted 05 November 2009

Saw this movie tonight and it was awesome! Ninjas AND Samurai?! Hell yeah!

The story, the action, the actors, everything was perfect and beautiful and well put together.

All the actors did an excellent job.

Do yourself a favor and see this movie, you can thank me later.

It's from the same guy who did Casshern (which I hated) but this movie was...

Blog NegativeZero > Omg a 24hr bb!?!

Posted 21 October 2009

Is the world truly ready for a 24 hour BestBuy ?

NY will be getting one! Crazy! Imagine going on a drunken shopping spree at 2am! Nice! Only to wake up the next morning to a mountain of receipts and debt!