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Two different versions of Dragon Age: Origins CE for Xbox 360

16 January 2010 - 02:43 AM

Unfortunate news for all those perfectionists out there who like to have every version of every game for a system. It seems that Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition actually has two different versions out there with plenty of differences.

Picture #1 - two Xbox 360 copies of DA:O. One pre-ordered from Amazon and received on release day ("right one", 1st version). The other received from EA.com in late December ("left one", 2nd version).

Posted Image

Picture #2 - the 2nd version has a much more blood red tone on the steelbook image then the 1st version which tends to look washed out or maroon. Probably hard to tell in the picture but can be seen side-by-side.
Posted Image

Picture #3 - Much more dramatic change on the back as the emblem is black in the 2nd version and blue in the 1st version.
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Picture #4 - This is what made me notice it, the 2nd version has the discs use two spindles (1 in the upper quadrant and 1 in the lower quadrant) and the 1st version uses spindle that is inserted and the back spindle.
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No Picture - Different markings on the back, the 2nd version has "2009 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1688511" and the 1st version has "2009 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. 822668". You probably can't read the picture.

Picture #5 - Different makings of the steelbook. The 2nd version was STEELBOOK, STELLBOOK.COM and the 1st version has Patent Pending, Star Metalpak, www.keysolutions.fr, info@keysolutions.fr

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Picture #6 #7 - The hinges are different, picture #7 is the 1st version and its hinge is such that the case cannot late flate when opened. The front cover extends in a unibody fashion to be the spine and inserts into the back cover. Picture 8 or the 2nd version has a separate plastic spine. I included Picture #8 (1st version is on top) to show the difference from the outside.

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08 December 2009 - 06:11 PM

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