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In Topic: Steelbook Worldwide Exclusive 2017

26 March 2018 - 08:26 PM

Side note, Rick and Morty Season 1 HAD the digital copy, but only Season 2 is currently shipping with digital copy code. Season 1 for whatever reason was like " For a limited time get a digital copy" sort of thing. 


Does anyone know if that Avengers steelbook listing that popped up on Best Buy a while back ever went live?  The Age of Ultron & the Civil War ones that popped at the same time have, but I haven't noticed this one go live yet.


Also how the hell no one told me of this?!?







In Topic: Steelbook Worldwide Exclusive 2017

03 October 2017 - 06:41 AM

Did the recent movie have Keifer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts in it?

Kiefer Sutherland was in it. 

In Topic: Target Clearance Thread XXII

03 October 2017 - 06:38 AM

i also picked one of the deluxe sets up. Honestly, you are probably best to return the 8.98 regular one unless you really need one of each. The deluxe one is great though. I was afraid it would be just a gimmick, but I have used it quite a bit. Locally as for the "reels" my stores only carried Batman, Wildlife, Space, and Destinations. He-Man and Into The labyrinth I ordered for cheap on Amazon. There is also a TMNT one that looks pretty good, but i did not find that locally. 




I bit on a couple sets of the Viewmaster VR goggles (1 deluxe set $11.98 207-17-0207 and 1 regular set $8.98 207-17-0200) along with the Batman Animated Series, Wildlife, and Space sets (haven't seen the rest yet) all on clearance at 70% off.  I figure I'll just return them if they suck.  The various packs fall between those two DPCIs, but most are either not in stores or not on clearance.  




In Topic: New VUDU disc to digital phone app, just scan barcode, but..

19 April 2017 - 04:42 AM

Anyway to get the 50% off 10 or more? I think it's completely gone now

Its been gone since about the end of March. :(