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Blog sinned47 > rogue squadron 3

Posted 30 April 2011

so recently i have an urge to play rogue squadron. i absolutely loved rogue squadron 2 and i never played 3. so i was thinking about picking it up at gamestop for cheap. plus i did a little research and noticed that all the rs2 missions are in rs3. can you pick the rs2 missions in rs3 by yourself? should i pick this up?

Blog sinned47 > amazon and sales tax

Posted 18 March 2011

pretty interesting read for me

brick and mortar trying to change the sales tax rules for amazon

open to discussion

Blog sinned47 > thinking about graduation

Posted 31 December 2010

i actually have about 1 more year of college after this 2010-11 school year but ive been thinking about graduation lately. right now i am an electrical engineer at one of the top UC schools in california. unfortunately, my gpa is extremely low. in fact, i just got out of academic probation because of the difficulty, which totally blindsided me when i t...

Blog sinned47 > just one more

Posted 07 December 2010

so far i just need one more case/manual to complete my search for 2+ years older games. and that game is luminous arc. already have the game, but no case/manual. if anyone has one for sale, talk me. my goal is so close.
playing this list of games is another thing. check out my backlog blog entry and you'll know what im talking about (will take a long...

Blog sinned47 > planning on upgrading my ps3 hdd

Posted 18 November 2010

it is the holiday season so i am hoping i can get a deal on a 500gb hdd that i can use to upgrade my ps3. anyone got tips or recommendations? if you've been using drive X can you tell me what is your experiences so far. i've read that some people are getting a clicking sound on the seagate drive. looking to buy a western digital or seagate 500gb 5400r...