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Blog Vampire_Zio > Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Rock the Dragon - Ep 8 & A weird Dream

Posted 18 November 2014

Weird Dream

This particular dream seems to be a continuation from one I had a night before but with different people involved. It starts off with images of posters a...

Blog Vampire_Zio > Happy Halloween - Quick Play of Daylight

Posted 31 October 2014

Just a quick play of the Daylight game off steam.

Youtube Vid

Blog Vampire_Zio > PC video recording / streaming software

Posted 30 October 2014

After doing a few videos for my Youtube channel Obnoxious Weasel I have stumbled across a few different types of software that work great for different situations. I will list mine from favorite to least fav.

Nvidia Shadow Play:

Works great on my system with no noticeable slowdown.
Connects to twitch with little effort .
Simple interface

Blog Vampire_Zio > Obnoxious Weasel is Live

Posted 18 October 2014

Officially changed the name of my Youtube channel to Obnoxious Weasel! Once my new webcam arrives I will be doing videos other than just "let's plays" so please subscribe if you like what you see so far and as always constructive critisism is always welcomed.


: I know my first few vids have problems

: making tweaks to how I produce my video...

Blog Vampire_Zio > Browser Games

Posted 10 October 2014

Browser Gaming

Looking for some interesting, weird of terrible browsing games to play for my videos. Suggestions are always welcome as I want to try to do something unique for my channel and not have it just be let's play or reviews.