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In Topic: Amazon Prime Day (Prime Members only) on July 15

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

I don't currently have Prime and guess what, I'm not going to get it for this sale.  Amazon's Black Friday deals last year were awful so it certainly won't be hard for them to have "More deals than Black Friday."    Not to mention I could do without their stupid Lightning Deal format.  My only question is who are they going to be price matching this July and put it off as one of their own sales?

Black Friday has been getting weaker year after year. Though it's at least nice to be able to get most of the deals I want without having to actually go anywhere. The problem last year was EVERYBODY's black friday was pretty bad  and stretched out for more than just Friday (wasn't just about every store opened Thanksgiving day?), and since Amazon mostly just "matches" other people's deals at this point - the whole thing was kind of sad. Especially sad for people that actually go out and do shopping on Thanksgiving day instead of... you know... actually celebrating Thanksgiving. You would think it would take insane deals to get people to go out on Thanksgiving day...


Prime is definitely not worth it for just black Friday deals. It's borderline worth it if you also want to replace Netflix with it, the content on Prime is just as good to me. I'd prefer some HBO content over Netflix exclusives (which I really don't watch, personally). I actually have access to both Prime and Netflix (shared), I'm just saying I could replace Netflix with it if I had to. 

In Topic: Best Buy 4th of July Sale (7/3-7/6)

05 July 2015 - 01:45 PM

OK, so here's the question: What's REALLY missing from the Wii U? I suppose MetroidFire EmblemPokémon, and Animal Crossing could be alleged. One's getting some Mario Party rip-off (Animal Crossing), one's not that heavily supported on home consoles, but IS potentially getting a new game soon (Pokémon), one's getting a crossover soon (Fire Emblem), and one's generally being ignored for real (Metroid). So, you have maybe one really ignored franchise. However, they added Splatoon, they remade Star Fox, and they've added Super Mario Maker and Yoshi's Wooly World to the platformer offerings, in addition to Captain Toad to the puzzle platformer genre. Oh, and they added Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive.


I think the idea that the Wii U has been neglected/abandoned is overblown, in many respects. We've gotten a few new things, we're getting a few more, and most of the other stuff is represented. Mario Golf might be the biggest omission, after Metroid, at least to me.

The problem with a "checklist" analysis is that not all of those games on the list are up to typical quality, even Mario 3D land isn't necessarily as "loved" as Galaxy 1 and 2 (I wouldn't know as I only played it on 3DS - but it basically looks like the 3DS game).  The Yoshi and Kirby titles that Nintendo churns out seem relatively disappointing as well - and arguably those are low budget games that shouldn't be $40 or $60 in the first place but for the Nintendo logo. Starfox seems like it may be another relatively low budget and half-assed affair  by modern standards. 


Ultimately though, the idea the system has been neglected has as much or more to do with what 3rd parties are doing. In the complete absence of 3rd party, Nintendo needed to do much more than offer relatively middling games by their standards. They are covering most of the bases for their franchises  (with the huge glaring omissions of Zelda and Metroid) - but it still seems lacking to me. Mario Marker of course looks great for what it is, but I still would have preferred a proper new Mario game rather than essentially a custom level generator. 

In Topic: YMMV - $5 and $1 Walmart "clearance?" Games

05 July 2015 - 01:28 PM

Can we talk about Target's YMMV while we're on this subject?
Apparently after the game is removed from their system/no longer shipping it goes back to their original retail value?
My local target has 8 copies of Other M for $50 still....

There's another thread on Target ;)


But yeah, their clearances can sometimes be pretty comical as well. Though not as universally bad as Wal-Mart tends to be. I've actualy found a few outstanding scores at Target (not necessary just games, but other random items too - I scored some Texas Intstruments calculators for 90% off, some bathroom and kitchen stuff, blu-ray movies on an endcap for $2, etc). I'm struggling to think of any time I looked at a Wal-Mart clearance area and didn't laugh - or just walk away after realizing it was all junk.


BTW, while we are on the topic of old items. Wal-Mart even does this on GROCERY items. Store I sometimes go to had those "Amy's Organic's Pizza bites" which I actually kinda like. They were clearanced for $2 when they are normally like $3.99 or $4.49. I would have bought several for $2, thankfully before I bought them, I noticed they had a "use by date" from Dec 2011. I looked through all of them thinking it had to be a fluke; but many of them were indeed from 2011, the ones that weren't 2011 were 2013. I know it's a frozen item (assuming it wasn't defrosted at some point, which might be a stretch). Selling frozen goods on "clearance" when it's 4 years past it's use by date?  :headache:  :puke:

In Topic: Best Buy 4th of July Sale (7/3-7/6)

03 July 2015 - 06:07 PM

Just curious because I haven't seen many Wii U sales. Is that a decent deal for the console or should I hold out. I've been wanting one for my kids.

Nintendo, in their infinite wisdom never have sales on this failed game machine of theirs while Sony and MS go back and forth with $50 gift cards, different limited consoles, and trade-in deals that get you $150-175 towards the console. I'm holding out forever if I have to. I still want a Wii-U for the 5-10 games I would play, but not until it's priced accordingly. For two years I've absolutely refused until they match the $199 holiday bundles of PS3/360. 


Since I just got my PS4 Batman console, I have no interest in Wii-U for $275. Not even sure $199 would do it for me at this point. I'd probably get it, but even at $199 I'd feel like I was overpaying.  By all accounts, it SHOULD finally have a $199 holiday bundle this year (especially with a new console around the corner). But if they don't, I wouldn't buy it for anything more than that. At some point it will probably be clearanced out for much less. 

In Topic: Best Buy 4th of July Sale (7/3-7/6)

03 July 2015 - 06:02 PM

Wii-U still at $275? Best deal is throwing in some generic accessories kit? Jesus Nintendo.  Why even bother advertising that LOL.