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#12476680 Minimum $150 Trade in Value For Your Xbox 360 or PS3 Towards a New PS4 V...

Posted by Agent Orange on 06 February 2015 - 05:44 PM

So the system is $50 plus another $100 if it's 250gb or slim and then another $10 per controller for a max of $190. So buy a new ps4 for $210 and sell it for $300, make $90.

Isn't that $90 you "make" the console that was just traded in?

#12465860 Kmart OFFICIALLY PHASING OUT GAMES SECTION. 20% Off Games Accessories! Cl...

Posted by Agent Orange on 02 February 2015 - 08:45 PM

Really Organics would of been the way to go if they could get the price cheap enough. One of the reason I hate walking into Wal Mart is because I know that the food I get there is either processed to hell or questionable as in filled with GMO garbage/pesticides. If K-mart could offer better options then it would of brought the quality of the stores up a bit.


As bad as Wal-Mart is, the idea of KMART having been converted to an organic grocery is even more absurd. They were the most backward and cheap of the big box stores. Organic grocery is diametrically opposed to what they are as a company.

#12429541 Official Collector's Edition Compilation III: Mortal Kombat X Kollector...

Posted by Agent Orange on 21 January 2015 - 05:16 PM

Lol, when I saw the $399 in this topic I thought "cool, a PS4 bundled with Borderlands". I am dissapoint.

#12246113 $60 3DS XL AND WII U @ WALMART YMMV

Posted by Agent Orange on 17 November 2014 - 03:21 PM

this was short lived. someone is getting fired at sears. i saw this earlier today, but felt it was more YMMV.

Did anyone even get it from Sears?


The only people that should be fired, are those employees at other retailers that actually price-matched this "deal".

#12126073 Super Mario 3D World Wii U Deluxe Bundle $275 @Best Buy

Posted by Agent Orange on 29 September 2014 - 12:51 PM

What's the regular price on this bundle? Isn't $274 about what various Wii-U bundles have been going for? 


Just doesn't seem like a deal to me. Maybe I'm off base. I've been waiting for Nintendo to wake-up and slash another $100 off their console, I felt very strongly they needed a $199 holiday bundle LAST year. Maybe it happens this year, if not, no sale. 

#12115949 XBL Deals - DwG: Ubisoft / Square Enix | GwG: March games announced, Feb: 3...

Posted by Agent Orange on 24 September 2014 - 04:36 AM

So after signing up for the free 3 months of Hulu Plus via gold on XBO, I can't see why anyone would pay for it if they had Netflix or Amazon Prime already.  It's seems like mostly stuff that's on one or both of those, with the added benefit of ads.

It's worth it for Criterion channel alone if you are into foreign classic cinema. I love me some classic Samurai movies, and there's literally dozens of the best ones on there. Lots of good classics on there (both foreign and domestic) that are only availalbe through Hulu because of Criterion channel.  I think there's something like 800 movies via Criterion. 


If someone gets Hulu+ and doesn't know about Criterion channel, I honestly have no idea what they are doing because the rest of the selection seems completely terrible compared to Amazon Prime or Netflix. Maybe for the ad supported TV shows, but aren't some of those available to regular Hulu without paying for Hulu+?

#11945545 Cheap, Fast, Easy Platinum: Megamind, Up, Terminator, Toy Story Mania, etc.

Posted by Agent Orange on 22 July 2014 - 12:40 PM

So are any of these games good?  At all?  I'd love a FPS Terminator game....

Terminator was terrible. Maybe passable in it's best moments, but it's glitchiness pushed it firmly into "broken" territory.


I thought it was terrible 5 years ago. I would not even consider wasting my time with this game if it was FREE, let alone $4.99.  

#11849824 XBL Deals - Jan 6 - Sep 4, 2014

Posted by Agent Orange on 17 June 2014 - 10:18 PM

I didn't create it lol, it's from the Xbox One. Also wtf is a Totino?

Pretty sure it's a really crappy small Frozen Pizza. The kind that are 5 for $5.

#11778506 PS4 500GB Console w/ MLB 14:The Show Game $399.99 w/$60 Points Back...

Posted by Agent Orange on 21 May 2014 - 11:59 PM

Seriously?  I am one click away from ordering this- now I'm scared!

I had just created my account and gave them my email and other info. shit, wish I didn't even give them my email. fortunately I didn't give the credit card info.. Didn't know they went so far downhill, I always thought they were a legit site...


I was already having 2nd thoughts on the deal, saw this on another forum, started the process on my "impulse buy", then checked here for comments. Damn. Oh well. Should have checked cheapassgamer before doing anything. 

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#11774675 Wal-Mart will accept Video Game Trade-Ins starting March 26

Posted by Agent Orange on 20 May 2014 - 08:39 PM

I actually feel bad for that guy, hope he's not a poster on here or something haha.


Dude needs to know a man his size (and...ummm...physique) should stay the hell away from the demo stations, atlhough I have to admit I get annoyed when they position them strictly for a 5 year old. 

#11771355 Triple Game Trade In Value @ Target 5/18-5/24

Posted by Agent Orange on 19 May 2014 - 09:47 PM

Yeah, I made this point way back. I don't get the people trying desperately to convert their Target credit to other things. While (regular) Target doesn't have a great selection of food, what they do have usually beats most grocery stores. I don't know how it compares to Walmart, but from what I've seen in general, Walmart is usually just pennies less than most other places, and, well, it means going into a Walmart... (And here they aren't even convenient - many more Targets around).

That yellow thing is news to me. I figured he was being sarcastic with the giant font though...

I don't think they beat many grocery stores (maybe crappy ones, but not Whole Foods or Publix around here), definitely better than Wal-Mart (but honestly I can't stomach buying fresh meats/seafood or deli at either place... no way). However I can say if I had a pile of gift cards it wouldn't be a problem to shift my shopping to Target temporarily while basically not having to use other payment sources for groceries/supplies. My first thought would be to use my Target gift card like that, rather than bemoaning that I couldn't "flip" my credit to some other random place...

#11771337 Triple Game Trade In Value @ Target 5/18-5/24

Posted by Agent Orange on 19 May 2014 - 09:40 PM

Oh Target rocks, especially if it's a Super Target. I'm really dumbfounded by all the people complaining about having "dead" money in the form of a Target gift card. You people don't eat or clean your house? We're surrounded by children whose parents do all of that. /rant

Any time someone poo-poos a deal like this because of the gift card being "useless" to them... they are basically outing themselves as a non-self-sufficient brat child. 


Same discussion was going on in one of the KMART deal threads when they were offering rediculous gift cards + points stacks. KMART is ghetto as hell, but free money is free money. Worst case I can just use the gift card to buy a few months of supplies.

#11770322 Triple Game Trade In Value @ Target 5/18-5/24

Posted by Agent Orange on 19 May 2014 - 04:23 PM

WHile it was nice to get in on this one in a blue moon deal? im screwed. Im pretty much stuck with dead money since I cant transfer the gc to visa cards and the gift card selection at every store ive been to sucks donkey balls. Is there some new law in the US where Black Friday gets pushed up to May 23rd?

Buy groceries, other supplies? Surely you must have some living expenses which could be covered by a Target gift card...


I wouldn't want too much Target gift credit, since I don't normally shop there. But unless someone is going completely crazy with Target credit (i..e thousands), then just having a few hundred should be no problem at all to dispose of on just buying routine stuff. 

#11769098 Triple Game Trade In Value @ Target 5/18-5/24

Posted by Agent Orange on 19 May 2014 - 01:00 AM

have you ever worked retail? if you did you would understand shit retail employees have to live with. i'm so sick and tired of people saying oh well it's your job is it not. I would love to say to those people that say that to do my job just for one day and ou might change your attitude.

Reality check. I bet most people on here have worked retail in their teens/20's during college (or if some are not that old, are probably going to work retail at some point in the near future). 


Hell, I worked as a pharmacy cashier/pharmacy tech in high school/college. Trust me, it doesn't get any worse than that. Old people + sick people = every other customer yelling at you for one reason or another (usually insurance, or not getting the prescription they want, or they cant afford their meds, so they are stressed...).


Also LOL at typical retail jobs being "stressful". 90% of the time I see Best Buy and Target employees walking around with nothing to do at all, especially the ones in cell phones. Give me a break. I think they can handle 1 asshole every once in awhile, if they truly don't care about their jobs (as I know many don't) they deserve it anyway IMO.

#11768467 Triple Game Trade In Value @ Target 5/18-5/24

Posted by Agent Orange on 18 May 2014 - 09:04 PM

what kind of hell? people like you make working in retail crap and stressfull thinking you are entitled to stuff.

LOL, because the guy didn't know how to do his job? The customer IS entitled to it, and entitled to it without having to waste his time on a SECOND visit. Since it an advertised deal, and very straightforward at Gamestop/Best Buy... most of us on here are doing research and going in with the trade values already known, know the limit of 3 per customer, etc. How hard should it be to deliver on that? (state of Florida notwithstanding).


I rarely get mad, if a guy flat out told me he didn't know how to do it, I'd be slightly annoyed at his incompetence (or lack of training), but not really mad at him for being honest. But I would be pissed if I went back the next day, and the manager didn't honor it if the prices changed. Who the hell would think that's OK?