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Blog SEH > Shot blog about Madden 11...becuase I needed to put how awful this game is into words

Posted 20 August 2010

This is not only, in most cases, the worst attempt at a football game ever, but it's also one of the worst games I've played in recent memory. There is NOTHING in this game that accurately represents the NFL. From the non-stop offense to the completely non-existent defense, this game screams arcade garbage.

Not every fucking game played in the NFL is a s...

Blog SEH > New PS3

Posted 22 September 2009

So, I re-bought a PS3 on Saturday. I had been an original adopter of the system back when it first released, but after a few months and no games coming out that I enjoyed/wanted/anticipated, I sold it off. Until now I had not really had an urge to ever play anything on the PS3 since most stuff that I wanted was either coming out exclusively on Xbox, or wa...