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In Topic: CAGcast #327: The E3 2013 Authentication Free, Digital Deluxe Edition

23 June 2013 - 12:46 PM

FYI Sony already have a game (full) sharing feature on the PS3 for PSN titles but it's linked to a single PSN ID. If you read the original offical statement of the game sharing on Xbox One, you'd know that you don't actually share the full game accross all family accounts, there is one main acct. and the subsidaries have a 45min demo which is shared.

In Topic: CAGcast #322: Press X to CAGcast

28 April 2013 - 01:26 PM

****Bioshock Inifite Spoilers****

Don’t know what Wombat is talking about in terms of plot holes, maybe he can elaborate in the forums or next podcast.

This is what I got from the story/plot when playing through the game and listening to most of the audiologs (voxophones):

Anna was born after the baptism. There's a split timeline when the baptism happened. Comstock (baptized) went off to build Columbia and accumulate massive amounts of money with his religious beliefs and Booker (not baptized) had Anna.

In one of the voxophones Comstock stated he was sterile from being in Columbia for so long so he went to another timeline through a tear (from the help of the Latteces) to purchase Anna from booker who was in major debt. The male Lattece later out of guilt decided to help booker get Anna back as a thought experiment to see how his memories worked compared to Booker during trans-dimensional travel. And thus your adventure begins as the Letteces row you to the light house.

In terms of racism: the setting is in the 1912. Comstock is an idealist and racism is prevalent in America at the time with much talk of the Aryan race and such

Comstock’s wife explained. Comstock being a religious figure killed his wife so no controversy will spread of Elizabeth being adopted. After killing her, Comstock explained to his people that such a fast birth was too much for Lady Comstock so she passed away. Lady Comstock is unable to pass on from the world having respected Comstock and became a wondering ghost

Hope this personal explanation is worthy of a Poker Night 2 Code

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23 April 2013 - 01:51 PM

Is it me or is "Best Buy: Reward Zone $20 Pre-Order Bonus" shown twice?