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$10 for $30 at Video Game Rescue in Jacksonville, FL

15 April 2016 - 05:34 PM



Normally $15 to purchase a $30 voucher.  Adding in promo code TAXES takes $5 off a single purchase.  You can purchase multiples in separate transactions to get the most bang for your buck.  The terms stipulate that Video Game Rescue (VGR) can only utilize one per single transaction.  I've gone in with a handful before, and the owner worked to break up the purchases to best utilize all of my vouchers.  Good local shop, lots of classics, very easy to work with.  Sidenote - regular Smash and Street Fighter tourneys, full arcade and pinball room attached, tabletop rooms, and TCG rooms.


As an aside, LocalFlavor pays for adspace, for VGR, based on how many of these vouchers they sell.  So, there's a benefit to VGR from having people purchase and use these.  For more info on the shop, check them out on facebook @ VGR Nerd Castle (https://www.facebook...ideogamerescue/), or at their blog site, http://blog.videogamerescue.com/

Samsung Gear S - AT&T $29.99 (2yr contract, plus activation and taxes). Expire...

11 February 2016 - 07:02 AM


AT&T has the black band Samsung Gear S devices clearanced at $29.99, plus $45 in activation, plus taxes, WITH 2 YEAR CONTRACT. I already have a family data plan, so it was only another $10/month to add this in. Device cost and taxes due at sale, activation will be tacked onto next bill. For me, out the door in under $33 (7% sales tax).

Free shipping or in-store pickup.

Offer expires 03/31/2016 or while supplies last.

Contract cancellation fee is $150, so you can still walk away with a new Gear S for ~$180.

Closest comparable is Best Buy for $99.99, plus activation, taxes, fees, and 2 year contract.

Next best no-strings-attached deal is Groupon, 3rd-party refurb, $136 with promo code EXTRA15, plus taxes, for another week. That one also has free shipping. http://tinyurl.com/zvaxvwr

Quick specs:
- 4G/3G, WiFi 802.11 bgn, Bluetooth 4.1
- Dual Core 1GHz processor
- 512 MB RAM
- 4GB internal storage
- fitness suite of sensors
- voice controlled (S Voice)
- QWERTY keyboard support, for text and email support.
- can operate independently from - and outside the range of - a cellphone
- Personal Note: No camera
- Personal Note: BeatObox can control Spotify from this device. MUST be running Android 5.0+

The 2 year contract is not a deal-breaker for me. This would be my first device that isn't a cellphone, and I have adapters to change the SIM card over to my tablet - if I have a desire for that while traveling. For my needs, this is a perfect opportunity to buy this and the SIM for it inexpensively.